Hard work got Amisha the offer letter from Adobe.

wingedclub Hard work got Amisha the offer letter from Adobe.

Amisha Agarwal –
Member of Technical Staff, Adobe
“I was good at technical work but I knew I was better in management because, during school, I was always involved in management activities as I was the head girl and I was in organizing committee of events in the school. I legit enjoyed my work. In the second year, I analyzed the environment of my university. It was like everyone sailed in the same boat. But I wanted to do something different. I always had plans about my post-graduation so I started with CAT coaching in 3rd year of my graduation and I was very serious about it. But it was not like I boycotted my technical studies. I managed both of them simultaneously.
I used to set a target for every day. While I was preparing for CAT, I used to do at least one competitive question of technical daily. But as the CAT exam was coming closer, I had to choose between the two and so I decided that I’ll be loyal to CAT till my exam. I used to study technical in the class but after that, I was just focused on CAT. The goal set by me for the day was to be completed anyhow and I kept the consistency going.
In the 4th year, our placements started in August and my CAT exam was in November. So I had to manage both of them. But then I felt that I had to take up a job before fully focusing on CAT. So, in August, I was placed in two companies, Sapient and TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). After that, I knew its time to finally focus on CAT.
I appeared for CAT exam in November and scored 91.36 percentile. I cleared the basic cut off. I got a call from six to seven IIM colleges which included IIM Kozhikode which is among the top 5 IIMs in India. I applied in colleges because I had many options. It was not like I was left with nothing.
After my CAT was over, I had my winter break. So, I shifted my focus to technical studies. I gave some more interviews in January which included HSBC and Adobe. I appeared for Cocubes in which I scored 641 out of 800 and I qualified to appear for Adobe. To qualify for the interview, we were supposed to clear an online coding round. Luckily, I cleared the coding round too ,and went forward for the interview rounds and passed three technical interviews. I was told that I will have an HR round as well but it did not take place for some reason. One blessed day, I got a mail from Adobe that I’ve been selected. Adobe is once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn’t want to miss it. I had CAT in my hands but I felt I could get a chance to practice my managerial skills in Adobe itself. So, I concluded and chose technical for my career. I was finally placed in Adobe in 2020 after completing B.tech.
I’ve always had short-term and long-term goals; I was never in a dilemma as to how should I contemplate the situation. The most challenging thing I’ve ever faced was to take up CAT and technical together. But I think if you have the skill of time management, you can overcome any situation and I did the same. As I said earlier, I used to set a target for every day. During college hours, whenever I was free, I used to study for CAT. In the third year, I did not focus on the technical at all. I gave the lump sum amount of time to CAT.
A pro tip for all the corporate aspirants: If you think you’re not prepared for a certain topic, just tell the interviewer and say no for that part of questions. It is better to be honest rather than confusing the interviewer as well as yourself. Honesty always leaves a good impact.
I think pampering ourselves is the most important thing. We should be our priority. I never dropped out of my normal college life. I used to go out and have fun. My favorite eating joints were my rescue point. I could relax and calm myself from all the hustle-bustle. I even played in my college’s cricket team in 3rd year.
My parents have always been supportive. They neither forced me to study nor stopped me from playing. My life’s decisions were always up to me. And I think I took the right decisions and that’s why here I am standing in front of everyone. I would also urge all the parents to not force their kids into studies because there is a world outside books. They should allow their kids to participate in extracurricular activities as well. Books will get you A grade in academics but won’t get you A grade in life.
This pandemic has put a pause button on the whole world. Everyone’s sitting at home idle. My office work has not started yet but I try to keep myself busy. I didn’t know how to cook even maggie but now I know everything about cooking. I do artwork and anything creative. I’m improving my weak points during this quarantine. I’m enjoying myself to the fullest these days.
The only thing I’ve learned from this whole experience is, ‘If you’re not upgrading, then you’re degrading’. I’ve also learned time management and being consistent about anything you’re determined to achieve in your life. My only career goal at present is to serve Adobe with my utmost sincerity.
Consistency is the key to my success. So, I’d like to give a message that, ‘If you’re consistent and determined to achieve something, nobody can stop you!
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