How Panoo Da’s Strong Will Took Him To Success of His YouTube Channel !

wingedclub How Panoo Da’s Strong Will Took Him To Success of His YouTube Channel !
Anil Singh Panoo – Youtuber

“When we talk about success, some of us limit ourselves. We think that becoming a doctor, engineer or businessman is the only way to become successful. But I didn’t limit myself, because in this world there are so many things that can help you to be a successful person but before, it can help you to accomplish your dream. I was also able to fulfill my dream because of this mindset.

I was born in a poor family in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, where we faced much financial crisis. When I was three months old, we shifted to Delhi. We resided in a rented house in J. Cluster. We were not financially sound, and I studied in a nearby primary school. At that time, I wasn’t having clothes which were in good condition. But deep down, I had a strong will that one day I’ll wear a soldier’s uniform. I didn’t score well in my high school so I was upset but didn’t give up. As soon as I was 18 years old, I filled up the form for I.T.B.P. I went for a physical test in Ranikhet. My physical test went well but I failed the medical test. After some time, I appealed for a second medical test. I passed it, and was posted in Delhi. 

One day I saw an article about an Indian YouTuber Lily Singh who lives in Canada and earns approximately Rs. 5 Crore/month from YouTube. After I read about her, I got the inspiration to create my YouTube channel which I named J.M.S Arts, and I uploaded a video just for fun. Fortunately, that video got viral and got 60 lakh views in December 2016. 

I make raw videos which mean without any editing. On 21 January 2017, I earned 17,400/- which was my first income from YouTube. My second income was 28,000/- and the third income was 1,50,000/- and the fourth income was 2,25,000/-. Like this in around one year and three months, I earned 28 Lakh rupees from YouTube. Through my channel, I’ve helped many YouTubers to build their channels like Pappu Karki, Maya Upadhyay, Govind Digari, Baby Priyanka, and many more. And not only this, I help other channels whenever they face any sort of problems. I don’t charge any fees for this work because I want my fellow YouTubers who are from Uttarakhand to grow. I didn’t know any of them personally. Except for Pappu Karki, I got to know them through YouTube only. Pappu Karki has contributed very much in introducing me to other YouTubers. 

YouTube gave me so many reasons to keep making videos and one of them is my Silver Button from YouTube. In 2017, one of my videos was on Trending #1. In March 2018, my video ‘Kauva Biryani’ got viral. On the first day of its upload, it gained 70-80 Lakh views and on the same day, my channel gained 32,000 subscribers. It motivated me and now have 706K subscribers.

My biggest dream is to have recognition in the whole world. I want the world to know me, who I am and I will soon fulfill this dream of mine. One thing I kept in me was to never give up. I had a strong will in my heart to do something. There are many youngsters out there who are using YouTube as a medium to showcase their talent to the world. YouTube is a very wonderful platform and treats everyone the same. 

You never know what wonderful can happen with you once you are on this platform. My video got viral overnight and it still seems magical. The way my income increased with every video motivated me to put more videos, and also boosted my creativity to create more diverse content. My income is used to help other people who require it. Just like this, people can try their hands on different platforms to earn. Don’t limit yourself. If you want success, it can be achieved in many diversified ways because success doesn’t have any boundaries.”


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