Sachin’s Indie Rock Band is spreading magic all over India !

wingedclub Sachin's Indie Rock Band is spreading magic all over India !
Sachin Bhatt – Artist; Chairperson, P.A.G.E (Peace After Great Extinction)

“I was seven or eight years old and as I gained the knowledge to make choices and learn things, music was something that made me dwell more into it. It gradually switched on to playing instruments. The love to play instruments grew so intense that I learned guitar for eight to nine years, acquiring a degree of it. While playing guitar, I realized and observed that drums are instruments of immense importance. They add spark to anything. It is very disappointing that drummers are made fun of. So, I decided to learn it professionally and showcase it in the best way possible.

Born and raised in a family of bureaucrats and lawyers, I was expected to go in the same field. With this mindset, I was admitted into BBA LLB (Honors) from JEMTEC School of Law, IP University. Now, only six months are left for me to have a tag of an advocate. Belonging to a legal background, my family was reluctant towards music. My father wanted me to continue with the family profession but music has my heart. I maintained a balance between my studies and my passion. I started with music as my hobby, but today I am more into music than anything else.

As an independent artist, I’ve worked with many artists around the nation, played drums and conducted shows. I remember I was invited to Hindu College, Delhi University, for the fest with around 5000 people. I was a bit nervous but the crowd cheering up my name made me confident and I performed my best. That day, I realized what true bliss is. That feeling you have when you are on the stage and people are cheering for you from all the corners gives chills.

wingedclub Sachin's Indie Rock Band is spreading magic all over India !

I decided to start my own band. With this thought, P.A.G.E ( Peace After Great Extinction), a Delhi-based Indie Rock band was born, three years ago. I am the chairperson and drummer along with two partners, Ash Daniel, a famous singer across Delhi and Praver Vats, who is more like my elder brother and plays guitar.  We had our first show in Mata Sundari College, Delhi University. We’ve been to IIMs, NIT and IITs as well.

We’ve a set list of 20-25 songs and we focus on our genre that is Indie rock music. We often play Bollywood songs as per the audience’s demand but our main aim is to spread indie rock music. We’ve seen people craving for Punjabi music and being a North-Indian band, we’re expected to play Punjabi songs. But we strictly abide by indie rock and work to have people develop interest into it. We’re currently working on making our own stuff and working on a large scale for a big budget thing. We had also planned to have concerts outside the country in Hungary, Europe in April 2020 but we had to cancel our tour due to the pandemic.

While working to spread rock music in India, I realized the importance of a good music taste. When we look back to music in 90s, it is commendable. It is fading in modern times. Moreover, people don’t value an artist in the way his profession should be acknowledged. Every child is groomed to choose a professional course. There are only a few people who motivate their children to be an artist. My family was swayed by the views of the society. They believed that there are so many people in the line, where will I stand.

When the world wasn’t supporting me, my father became my pillar of strength and asked me to give my best in music. My friends too have always stood with me. I’d like to mention that Praver Vats, Ujjawal Kishore, Ash Daniel, and Akanksha Grover played an important role in my life. I wouldn’t have been here without them.

wingedclub Sachin's Indie Rock Band is spreading magic all over India !

I worked hard to make my parents believe my dedication towards my passion. I’ve been on DD National three to four times for the interview. I’ve been getting called to judge in IIM Kashipur from last 3 years, went to NIT Nimrana and IIT Khadakpur. Seeing my achievements and my work, it does create a difference in the mindset of the people. My teachers who never supported me can now see my growth. My growth changed their vision towards music.

I’d suggest people to have a good music taste and value an artist. We work hard to make stuff that appeals to the public. It’s your appreciation that will help us in growing further. Hence, give an artist and art the respect they deserve.”

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*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not Winged Club.