Movie Review: Article 15

 WingedClub Movie Review-Article 15.
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Article 15 movie by one of the reputed Bollywood Director Mr.Anubhav Sinha is indeed a masterpiece. It is a movie worth watching. On one hand where Bollywood is lured with making movies like Kabir Singh, Dhadak, etc which more oftenly open doors to a fantasy world and attracts larger number of people thereby misleading the audience . Anubhav Sinha has done a great job in demonstrating the ground realities of our country rooted with the sensitive issues which need to be thrown light upon. The film cast – Ayushman Khurrana, Sayani Gupta, Manoj Pahwa, Mohammed Zeeshan have played the major characters. All of them have undoubtedly done a great job in portraying their characters. Leaving behind a major impact on the audience with their extraordinary performance.

Ayan Ranjan (Ayushman Khuranna) as an upright IPS officer. He comes from a privileged society, spending a major portion of his life in different countries. Now he had been given the charge of Lalgao, a village in UP. The movie focuses on Article 15 of the Indian Constitution. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, color, gender, or place of birth. Ayan Ranjan in his attempt to solve the murder case of 2 teenage girls who were killed came to know various unbelievable practices of the society. Later, their dead bodies were found hung on a tree.

He comes across many abnormal activities that are still prevalent in the village. Lalgao, a village where people still discriminate against each other on the basis of caste, religion, gender baffles. Ayan, being a righteous man decides to turn things right in the village. As the movie progresses, the story takes major turns with some shocking declarations. Leaving audience in the middle of an emotional loop.

Ayushman Khurrana has undoubtedly proven that instead of playing characters of next door lover boy. He can also be a motivating character in action-packed thriller movies like Article 15. He has done complete justice to his character. Not only Ayushman but Sayani Gupta has also given her finest performance in the movie. Although her part is not so engaging. But she amazes the audience with her work. Sayani has done the exact portrayal of her character adding to the perks of watching the movie. Other than the cast, the script, storyline is really involving. Anubhav has focused on addressing the issue head-on with heart touching dialogues and monologues which leaves you stunned.

With a growing liking towards romance, comedy, and action Bollywood has somewhat ignored the real issues. Article 15 is a movie that focuses on such social issues and unspoken stories of our country. These are often not visible to the privileged strata of the country. They often remain unnoticed. Bollywood being the most influential platform of the country still turns a blind eye to such issues. But movies like Article 15 become the game-changer. We definitely need movies like this. Which not only lets us know the reality but ends with a moral lesson as well.

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