Aman’s dreams to change and empower the society through technology !

Aman Kumar Jagdev – DSC Lead, Graphic Era University

“I got to know about Developer Student Club (DSC) from my senior, Aastha Bisht, an ex DSC Lead, during our induction programme. When I learnt more about DSC from my seniors, my goal was to apply for DSC lead in the second year. From the very start, I was quite interested in community culture and always wanted to share my knowledge with everyone. This platform was the best way I could get to do so. When I joined DSC, I worked with my DSC members at 100% and then from my previous technical experiences I was asked to join as technical lead. After joining technical lead, I explored different domains of computer science but I was interested in one particular domain and that was Web Development. I walked on the same path and worked hard towards the goal of DSC Lead.

If you ask me about the skills that are needed to get into DSC, I can say that the key element is being “PASSIONATE” and to believe that you can change the world with your actions. Rest everything is secondary. But if we talk about the subjective skills that an individual needs, is the deep knowledge of your area of specialization and the ability to explain your domain in simpler terms to others. DSC is a bunch of like-minded people who are passionate to spread knowledge and help others. So, it’s very important that if you are applying for the same you need to have leadership and technical skills in you.

As mentioned earlier that my next goal after becoming a technical lead was to apply for DSC lead, which I did for sure but the result was delayed for 2 months because of the virus spread. But one fine morning, I was doing my daily chores and I received the mail regarding the result of my interview. I just read the first line which said ‘ Congratulations you have been selected as the DSC lead for …’ and that was the moment I couldn’t help but smile and be happy. I just enjoyed that moment and then after some time I read the whole email. Everyone was happy about it. My family and friends and even the competitors who were in the same race of being DSC lead congratulated me on this great news. Though the news didn’t fly much because of the non- availability of physical classes, but whoever knew about it, were happy about it.

Now that I have achieved one of my goal of being a DSC lead, there are some other goals and one of them is to provide free education to those who don’t have access to it. There are children who quit their schooling because of the lack of resources and also due to financial crisis. I want to be a medium through which they can fulfill their dreams. I can say that, it’s a direct hit to the education system that we are following currently. I want to change the perception that children are carrying in their minds these days. For instance, computer science. If a person has an interest in CS and wants to do B.Tech, then the first shining thing he/she would see is an IIT. But IITs don’t really test you with computer science. All they want is you to excel at PCM to enter CS and it does not matter to them if you have cleared cloud certification or even completed Full Stack development by 12th. You have no chance of entering that institution at all without PCM. Not sure about how I will change this, but I will try my best to make this change in our education system. It’s a long way to go and I know I need a whole big bunch of capital to do so. For that, I am currently focusing on my overall technical and mental development and also working on open-source projects for the betterment of our society.  I also have plans to start my own venture to earn to fulfill my dream.

In my life I have always followed two sayings – ‘Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life’ – Steve Jobs and another one ‘Be someone whom you always wanted when you were young’. These two sayings hit me hard and I know it may not seem relevant at the beginning but will make sense later on. I’ve always found that simply giving others will give you immense pleasure and happiness. Also, I think that one should make important decision of her/his life on their own without any external pressure. Do what you love, and as we are talking about career here, your work is going to cover 70% of your life. So do not just go through it, purely live it to the best. Just believe in yourself and let’s put a dent in this universe.”

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*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not Winged Club.