Samosa Singh: A start-up you might have not heard of

Samosa – Yes you read it right. Samosa is India’s one of the top snacks. Perhaps, this snack is famous in almost every part of the country. Samosa comes under the street food in India. Having said that, India has tons of restaurants selling pizzas, burgers, etc. However, most of the people had turned to samosas for their go-to snacks. Keeping this in mind, Samosa Singh is started.

This image represents Samosa that is an Indian Snack.

There is a couple named Nidhi and Shikhar Singh. They in 2016 came up with an innovative idea of starting a start-up. They named the start-up “WoknStove Foodworks Pvt Ltd”. They sell different types of samosas under the brand name “Samosa Singh”. However, they provide their customers with different types of samosas with different flavors in them.

Story of the start-up Samosa Singh

Nidhi and Shikhar Singh met at Kurukshetra University while doing their bachelor’s degree. However, Nidhi was much of a sales and marketing person. On the other hand, Shikhar Singh went for his master’s in the school of life sciences in Hyderabad.

Founders of the start-up "Samosa Singh"

He came up with the idea of a start-up while doing his masters. Moreover, his idea was to start something healthy and hygienic. After this, he shared this idea with Nidhi and they both decided to work on this idea as soon as possible.

Now while doing their respective jobs they both decided what their roles would be. In October 2015, Shikhar quit his job and they both finally started their business. Ergo, in April 2016 they together started their start-up samosa Singh in Bengaluru.

Execution of the start-up

First of all, they both did ample research for the same. Moreover, they started a small kitchen and hired some samosa makers. However, their main priority was to make their samosas in different flavors and wanted to give their customers a healthy snack.

Image of Samosa by start-up Samosa Singh

In their starting stage, they just sold one plate of samosa for just Rs. 20. This indeed is pocket-friendly. Eventually, after 3 months or so they started selling 500 samosas a day. This is definitely a huge milestone. As a result, they wanted to make samosa Singh a brand.

Apparently, they then promoted their business through big corporates. In addition to this, they got lucky and got an offer from one of the top MNC called German Engineering gaint. They have given a total of 8000 samosas per day to them. Gradually, they collaborated with top companies like INOX, PVR, CCD, and TCS. Apparently, today the company sells around 10000 samosas per day.

Revenue of the Samosa Singh

As of now, the company is running successfully. Moreover, they made Rs.5 Crores revenue for the year 2017. However, their next target is to sell 50000 samosas per day in Bengaluru itself.

They are thinking to extend their brand to a couple of cities like Hyderabad and Pune. Despite this, they are now planning to start frozen food as well. In the coming future, they will give frozen samosas to the customers.

Nevertheless, if someone has a clear goal and vision they can eventually make it despite encountering many obstacles.

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

Featured Image Credit: Your Story