Beatboxing is my best companion says Neeraj.

wingedclub Beatboxing is my best companion says Neeraj!
Neeraj Rawat – Student, Graphic Era Hill University

I was born in Dehradun and I’m proud to hold a piece of Uttarakhand within myself. I have traveled a lot due to my father’s profession of defense. It filled my life with fun and frolics.

Talking of one of the most amazing turns in my life which are beatboxing. It was something that I discovered at the darkest time of my life. Beatboxing to me is like a companion who has made me feel more like myself. It’s not just an art but a means to express my emotions, moods, and thoughts. It’s been more than three years since I’ve been in this beautiful universe of beatboxing and it has never failed to amaze me.

It all started from a random video of a beatboxer named Krnfx whom I consider to be my idol. His video just popped up on my YouTube feed, and after watching that one video, I was blown up completely. I was flabbergasted how a person can create music from within without any instruments but just his mouth. With no second thought in my mind, I started to learn this art. I watched a lot of tutorials and failed a lot of times but consistency is a valuable key. It took some time but I got my basics down real soon. After that, there was no going back and here I am today.

Initially, the reaction of some people to my new skill was not that accepting, some called it weird, others called it stupidity and just making fart noises from my mouth. I know it’s common for any beatboxer to hear such things. To be honest, these fun comments from people can break a person’s motivation and confidence. I did feel really bad but I promised myself to never give up and build up this skill at a level where people feel this awesome instead of awful.

wingedclub Beatboxing is my best companion says Neeraj!

With time passing by, I kept working on my skills, trying hard and pushing my limits which resulted in noticeable improvements. Suddenly all the weird comments turned into applause and appreciation. This art has given me a new identity and I feel proud to be a Beatboxer.

Criticism for anything at the initial stage is normal. It’s on you how you use that energy produced out of that opposition to improve yourself . I just want to say that don’t let the criticism from others deprive you of discovering your true self.

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