“Business is not my cup of tea, I will become a Doctor!” – Deepak Sahani

wingedclub Business is not my cup of tea, I will become a Doctor

Deepak Sahani – Businessman and Owner ( Hari Tent House ), Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

“Business is not my cup of tea, I will become a Doctor!” Going back to the times when I was carefree and cheerful as any other teenage boy, I had a dream of becoming a Doctor. I belonged to the family of businessmen ~ my father, his  father, his grandfather and soo on… all were business holders, but I wished for something else. I went out of the league and chose the Science stream. I was a topper throughout my Secondary School years. Also, I passed my 12th with First Division and topped the stream. I was pleased as punch and everyone was proud of me. So with the same thoughts in mind, I went for my BSC. But things never go the same way we wish them to be! I was at college when my neighbors called me out  and told me the most heartbreaking news I could  ever hear. My father had always supported my dreams, he was the strongest man I know till now. But everything in our lives got shattered when my father got a heart attack once, then twice, and then went through his by-pass surgery. Our conditions grew worse and everyone advised me to take my dad’s place by the time my father didn’t get healthy.

I was 19 and knew nothing about our business. We, back then too, had a business of decoration and catering. Our financial conditions drowned slowly and gradually and  I was left with nothing but the option to look after my business and drop my studies. So I chose to take care of my family and follow the legacy. What  I could only figure out in the initial days of mine at work, was that, we were in a huge loss and that the clients will eat us up shortly if we did not meet their expectations. I was in great trouble but as I told my father was a man of virtue and he was a lovable friend too. Some of my father’s friends helped me with organizing  the upcoming events. I made a lot of mistakes, messed up things several times, and borne losses too. I realized how difficult it was to remain active at an event till 2:00-3:00 am and be back at the same next day by 8:00 am. It is extremely laborious to stand in the scorching sun and direct the workers. And you know what the most difficult part was? It was earning money by myself and spending it.  I always teach my kids to be calm and tight in terms of spending money. It is not because I am a miser person, but because I want them to understand its value and correct usage. All of us remain careless and spendthrift until the time we earn by ourselves. I too am fond of eating food outside at restaurants, trying out new places to dine, and cook international dishes by myself. I too used money like today’s youngsters back when I was in a good financial state. But time changes each and everything my friends; habits, people, and even change your desires into your necessities.Success never comes to those who do not desire it! Though I was not after the success  I was working hard to feed my family and bear the hospital expenses of my father. Gradually our business got back on the track and so did my father’s health. I was 24, by then, I had realized what GOD had wished for me. It was a great struggle to organize and manage things by myself at that age. I had learned several bitter and sweet truths of life by then. I had realized the sacrifices my father had done to give us such a blissful living. But I am thankful and happy for this life. Our firm is going well with satisfying results and happy clients. We enjoy a trustworthy reputation in the market and are one of the leading tent house dealers in Bareilly city.

I realized how happy my father was to see me at his place, growing and expanding his business on a large  scale. There were days when I used to repent and regret this life-changing turn but what is destined by him (GOD) is known by none. I paved my way and crossed the land full of difficulties and disappointments. I have swum across the sea of sorrows. I have left behind the unhappy times of doom. And you know what remained constant in all times? My Hard work and Passion and my urge for a better life for me and my family.
Dear friends, whosoever reads this I just want you all to learn two simple things  
~Never regret what life gives you, accept its offers and work hard on them. You will surely have your results in the best slots.
~ The sacrifices done in the name or for the sake of one’s family will always be fruitful. Trust your elders they always shower their blessings on you and believe in GOD. You only get what he wishes you to have and therefore along with  hard work and passion all your energies redirect you in the same path.
*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not the Winged Club.