An anxious girl who sketched her heart out to become a confident being !

Riya Joshi – Sketch Artist

Since childhood I was an introvert and an anxious child. I had a keen interest in art and craft and it was a medium to express my feelings on paper. Due to my reserved nature, I never stepped forward in school and could never get an opportunity to showcase my skills. With growing age, studies got difficult and eventually I took up science distancing myself from my passion. Soon, studies took an edge over hobbies and I lost touch with my drawing files.

With a motive to achieve more in studies, I opted Bachelors in Science as my graduation. Little did I know, stepping into a new sphere of life will make me relive my childhood days again. I held the pencil again and started drawing but it didn’t meet up my expectations. I was so disheartened to see the degradation of my skills, to compare my present portraits with previous ones but I had the best people around me, my friends. They didn’t leave my side ever, they supported and encouraged me to practice more. I was sure to never leave the pencil again and therefore I decided to start my Instagram page so that I would be obliged to upload my portraits there and with this I will be into regular practice. It’s been 2 years now that I am into it and when I trace my journey, I find a lot of improvement, not only in my drawings but also in my life.

I have major anxiety issues and to my surprise, my passion helped me fight with my own self to make it a better one. My art provided me a confidence to deal with the outside world. Tracing my journey, I realised that my passing brought major changes in my life. From being an introvert, anxious child to being a strong independent girl, I gained a lot of confidence and strength. It is often said that you need to analyze your strength and that will shape your personality in a positive direction. This stands true for me in every aspect.

In my journey, achieving hyper realism in my artworks was the major difficulty I faced. But with constant support and self confidence, I finally got hold of it. My work doesn’t only help me built my strength but also makes me financially independent. I do commissioned portraits and from the time I started doing it, I fulfilled all my needs by myself. My art supports my expenses and I am glad I can contribute a bit to bring a smile full of satisfaction on my parent’s face. Recently, I organized an exhibition at Muse Art Cafe, Dehradun and it went beyond my expectations. It was a kick start to my dreams and with it’s success, I feel I can take up my art to great levels.

Now that I’ve started on working to turn my passion to my career, I wish to improve my work on a daily basis. I wish to make my drawings so perfect and realistic that it could be known and loved by everyone and it reaches out across the whole country. I know the dream is quite big, but I will out in all my efforts to make this dream come true and make my parents proud.

Instagram : the_mind_who_draws

*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not of the winged club*