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Anushika Jain – Founder, Globalshala

Confidence is a series of choices to accept yourself, this is what 21 years of life has taught me. Born and brought up in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, I moved to Delhi for my undergraduate in Economics from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. Currently, I am in Gurgaon and have enrolled myself in a Masters in Leadership from North Eastern University, Boston, USA.

While pursuing my undergraduate, I was not very sure about my career plans. It can be said that I was completely clueless about what I need to do in the future. I went on to expand my sphere of knowledge and opportunities by looking up for side projects, internships, and other such things. While finding a suitable career option, my interest was caught by the fact that people of my age deal with the same dilemma.

We’re often stuck with a question about the future, our objectives while choosing an appropriate career option. While I was doing my internship with a company where they used to deal with students wanting to have higher education, I borrowed their idea to give birth to my own. I decided to give birth to my own company where the primary objective is to provide a platform to students to find out what they actually need to do.

In January 2020, Globalshala took birth. Globalshala was the name given to the concept of providing possibilities to students with an objective to spread it globally. I never lacked support from my parent’s side and there was no external factor that hindered my progress. It was my own self that created some kind of challenge. Being a 20-21 year old, it wasn’t an easy thing for me to digest that I’m going to start a company of my own and that too at a global level. I had to encourage myself, fight with my inner fears, and motivate myself to take the stand with confidence. I took up the decision to start this initiative. I had to make sure not to underestimate myself and meet up my own demands.

With full zeal and enthusiasm, I got back to my motive and started working towards it. There was this one thought in my mind that we’re very vague about our decisions when it comes to future. So, I needed to work to help students get a clear vision for the future.

Though it was my initiative, many people who were working with me in the previous company, switched their company to join me. Globalshala works with a motto, ‘Connecting Potential with Possibilities’. It is an international platform that provides ample internships, projects, scholarships and programs for youth to create an impact. It is a platform that activates people’s GPS(Goals Passion Struggles). Once we’re aware of their struggles, we provide them with the platform to transform their struggles into their strength. We welcome students from different backgrounds to enroll themselves with us. The range of internships is versatile, welcoming students from different backgrounds and not limiting it to a particular field. We’ve varied fields like digital marketing, human resources, writing, communication, business development. We aim at creating different fields so that more people would work and explore with us.

It spread like an organic network generation as we expanded through social media and college societies. We knew the most active group in the colleges, hence we approached them and posted opportunities through Internshala, providing more than 100 paid internships. We’re also managing scholarship of around six hundred thousand dollars for students who want to have exposure and connect with North-eastern University. We have been featured in The Times of India and Hindustan Times as well.

We started in January and soon the pandemic hit the world. Where everyone was disappointed in that scenario, it played out positively for us. If this wouldn’t have happened, we would’ve faced the challenges like physical space, office to work in. But, since everyone is working virtual, it provided us with an advantage. Being virtual, there is no distinguishing factor between a well-established company and a start-up. We got our credibility sooner and since everyone was at home, it was more flexible to have a good team with us. It wasn’t a full-time office scenario so people were more comfortable and flexible with working hours and timings. With this situation, we were able to hire people from all over the globe. Thus, the pandemic helped us in settling well.

We have planned and set our priorities to achieve our goals in the coming five years. With an intent to mark our presence on seven continents and provide millions of opportunities to students around the globe, we are trying to expand.

Being a student, what I learned is that EQ and curiosity are more important than IQ.  So, don’t set barriers for yourselves by judging certain factors. It’s your thought process that provides you with the courage to do whatever you want to achieve. Think positive and you will get through it. Never define yourself through anybody else’s lens, wear your own glasses of dreams.

*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not of the winged club*

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