Ansh and her Magic Wand !

wingedclub Ansh and her Magic Wand !

Ansh Saxena
– Senior Makeup Trainer, LAKME powered by APTECH, Janakpuri, New Delhi

A bold personality is the one who is fearless and ferocious and this was just on point in Ansh’s case.

“Aspiring to become a Police Officer initially I feared none. I was repulsive against crimes and wanted to rebel and protect my loved ones. I had the full support of my family and friends in this. I wanted to retaliate and punish the sinners. I have always been on my toes and wanted to be independent and a Boss Lady. But besides this, my ultimate happiness and comfort lied in doing makeovers. My mother is also a makeup artist and owns a salon in my hometown. Every girl tries to imitate her mother’s action and so was I. I tried how she did each and every step. I used her tools. I did spoil her products several times but all these efforts proved fruitful later. I started helping my mother when I was 12 and I knew everything about makeup. I was not the quiet one, I kept on experimenting with new looks day by day which refined my skills.

By the end of my school years, I had decided my goals and planned each and everything for my career chronologically. I took admission in Makeup Studio Training Center, New Delhi branch and did my Diploma in Advanced Makeup and Hair Styling. Those days in Delhi were full of fun and experiments. Each and every session brought us new challenges to encounter and required our best to accomplish them. I had worked till late hours to improve my skills and why not, I wanted to be the best of all ! Then I enrolled in an International course as well through MSTC( Makeup studio training center ) i.e, VTCT(vocational training charitable trust). After clearing this exam I was awarded an International Degree in Makeup. But my research didn’t stop, I came to know about Prosthetics and enrolled for the same in VLCC Makeup Institute, New Delhi. I am enthusiastic and  hardworking when it comes to my passion for makeup. There at VLCC, the best thing in my life happened with me. My teachers there loved my work and qualifications which I had by then. I was offered a job by the same institute in which I was practising. Nothing better could have happened. This boosted my morale and encouraged me to put my 100 percent into my work. In April 2018, I went to Kolkata for the final part of my training. I had secured  Rank 1  All over India and got selected in VLCC, Amritsar. My offer letter was issued to me on my birthday and trust me this was the best gift I could ever receive. I could still remember my mom’s eyes in tears and my dad’s proud smile, he tapped me and wished me luck. I joined the same and started training students there, my work always reminds me of the struggle I had faced to reach at such a point therefore one should never disrespect or compromise with the work they are in love with. After the initial month in Amritsar we had to attend an all India training workshop regarding Makeup advancements.
Being really outspoken and bold, I was really looking forward to join as a teacher but at the same time I was equally nervous, as trainers throughout the country would be presenting themselves on the same platform. There too I had put all my sweat and blood and held 2nd position in person as well as brought VLCC Amritsar to another level of existence. My definition of confidence lies in hard work only! When you work hard, your efforts bring you good results and success and when success comes to you, you become confident. I wanted to make my parents proud and make them realize that their investments made on me in terms of money, trust and sacrifice are not going worthless. Deep inside I had always wished to see my parents proud of having me as their child and was determined to use my talent in the same.
My ultimate mantra is that “one should never stop learning and be open to all the opportunities and challenges waiting for them”. I still keep on googling things and try my best to upgrade my skills , I search for new techniques, products, looks and so on and so forth. The more we practice the more we become leaned. We learn things that remain subconscious to us until we practically realize them as facts in our lives. As a freelance makeup artist, I am looking forward to achieve more in the same field. I won’t stop until I introduce my own makeup brand. I want to be famous and gain respect and love in the hearts of the people. I would really love to mention my sister’s support and encouragement for me, she is indeed my soul sister, always had my back and always was there in my hardest and happiest times of my life. She encouraged me to go and visit LAKME and helped me make online tutorials to showcase my talent. Also most of the people out there in the world have formed a degraded image of our industry ,calling our work as a waste of money or low-class work. I just want to say to them, that this mentality won’t work out for long now. Athough with the changing times and needs of the world, people really are into this field. What we see is that boys too are interested in the same but because of the societal pressure, they are highly disrespected and humiliated. I want to open a world class platform to support their interests. I also want the world to understand the need and scope of this makeup industry. I highly appreciate my parents who have always pushed me into exploring this field. I have a lot of boy trainees working under my guidance and I wish for their best. My story has been a challenge for me therefore I won’t stop until I conquer the last achievement I wish for.
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