Keeping her fears aside, Mahima is making her mark as a fashion icon!

WingedClub Keeping her fears aside, Mahima is making her mark as a fashion icon!
Mahima Yadav – Fashion Blogger

“For most of the people, Fashion is, putting on trendy outfits and looking glamorous. For me, fashion is something that comes from within. Wearing outfits is like wearing confidence for me. My life would have been boring and stressful if I hadn’t realized my love for fashion blogging.

I was in my first year of college when I started my free WordPress website. I used to write product reviews. Soon I realized that I don’t enjoy writing much. Hence I realized I wanted to do something which I can enjoy for a long time. Although I was into fashion but I didn’t know how to turn it into something productive. At that time, I used to follow some International bloggers. I was really inspired and fascinated by their work. That’s when I made my Instagram account public and started creating fashion content.

Blogging was definitely my thing but initially, it was very challenging and required lots of effort. Mainly because I was too scared to put myself on the Internet and the constant fear of not meeting people’s expectations was hitting too hard on me. I am still figuring out how to manage that pressure because this industry is both lucrative as well as demanding. It surely, provides us fame, a good sum of money, collaborations with the leading brands but being a content creator, you welcome a lot of criticism and one must learn how to deal with it.

WingedClub Keeping her fears aside, Mahima is making her mark as a fashion icon!

You have to build a thick skin to survive in this industry. I personally take constructive criticism in a good way. But when it comes to hateful comments, I directly block such haters. Sometimes I take social media detox to take a break from my social life by avoiding the use of my social media accounts. That really helps me a lot.

Some people may think blogging is easy. In reality it’s not! It is not just about wearing trendy outfits and clicking pictures. A lot goes into making good content that remains behind the camera. Creating content that resonates with your style takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes we have to reshoot the content if the brand doesn’t approve it. When I first started blogging, it was too tough to do all the things by myself. Waking up early then scouting locations to find that perfect picture and that too with my 9 to 5 college timing was quite hectic. Slowly and steadily things started falling into place and finally, all my hard work started paying off.

It’s been 2 years since I started my journey. During this whole journey I had many ups and downs but what’s important is the experience I got. For me, fashion blogging is about creating my authentic personal style because that’s what makes me and my content unique. If one wants to survive in this industry one must push themselves to be the best,. If you don’t take it seriously, then trust me nothing will come out of it. It was my determination and hard work which helped me come a long way. I have worked with many brands which I always dreamt of like Besiva India, John Jacobs Eyewear, Urban Audio, Ponds India, Garnier, etc.

WingedClub Keeping her fears aside, Mahima is making her mark as a fashion icon!

The Fashion industry is sure full of glamour, money, fame but if you want to stick to it you have to put in a lot of effort. Only your worth will be recognized in the crowd. Although there is still a long way to go, there’s one thing that I have learned from blogging – be original and create unique content. That is your stairway towards success because no shortcuts can give you a long term satisfaction. I plan to make blogging as my full-time job because now we are inseparable and to be honest, it’s just my thing now.

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