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Shriya Grover
– Management Trainee, The Park, Navi Mumbai

“I’d always been a plump girl and I’m not thin, never was and perhaps never will be. Growing up, I always came across people passing comments, sometimes with concern, sometimes just out of sheer pity, and sometimes to make fun of my body. 

Everytime someone passed a comment, I’d go red in the face, sometimes cry, sometimes snap. Imagine meeting someone after a considerable interval and the first thing they say is,’Oh, you’ve put on a lot of weight’, ‘Oh, you’ve been staying in Chennai naa? How come your complexion is still fair?’

And we come straight to my diet routine, skin care solutions, etc. I’ve spent majority of my time lost in self-critical thoughts, despising my body and comparing myself unfavourably to others. But not to forget, my parents and sisters have always been a great support. They never stopped me from wearing something, going somewhere or pursuing my passion. It’s because of them that I’m soon going to be the Assistant Manager at The Park Hotels. 

We live in a society that is obsessed with everything. FAT is bad, DARK is ugly, THIN is sick. These ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’ and ‘wish I had’ attitudes are something that we cultivate about our bodies each and everyday. And the sad part is, most of us are potential victims of ‘BODY SHAMING‘. So, why are we having this shame for our own beautiful bodies? When did it become okay for other people to pass a judgement on how we look?

So let’s try and take a step closer to freedom from body shaming. Let’s love our bodies despite its size. Let’s try and fall in love with ourselves. Because if we don’t…..then who will?”

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