Prabhat knows the right balance between responsibilities and passion !

wingedclub Prabhat knows the right balance between responsibilities and passion !
Prabhat Kumar Srivastava – Working with Punjab National Bank

“The balance between job and hobbies; life and passion is very much needed in life. I think life without balance among these things at a time could become tense and tough. Not only a balance between job and hobbies but balance in every aspect of life is a must. Hobbies make our life relaxing and the job is a resource to follow our hobbies.
I was born in a joint family in Purnia, Bihar, and was the youngest of all my siblings. While growing up, I was given lots of love and care. I was pampered a lot. I always admired my elder brothers and inculcated so many of their qualities. My interest in arts, music, poetry, and literature is only because of them. My family always supported each other in every possible way. During that time, people were not much into rat-race like they’re today. And so. even I never bothered about what I would become in life. But in my house, there was always an atmosphere of studying. My eldest brother was an engineer and being an engineer during those days was very a prestigious thing. During my school days, I developed an interest in painting. When I was in fifth grade, I started going to Kala Bhawan, Center for learning arts, music and other cultural activities. During summer breaks, we used to make lots of paintings. I learnt painting for 5-6 years and then to continue my classes, I even taught there. I organized a few painting exhibitions with some of my friends as well. I liked playing cricket too. I never missed playing it in the evening. Along with my studies, I always kept myself involved with extra-curricular activities. I never compromised with my studies though. I liked reading as well and used to visit Purnia Library every Sunday. I also developed a good bond with the librarian and  after seeing that I’m so much interested, the librarian showed me a cupboard full of books he liked. I borrowed books from him and read it. After reading, he even used to ask me about the jest of the books.
Now the world is becoming digital and people are also reading digitally but I always liked to read from a book and even have my own collection. I even got an opportunity to write many articles. I was privileged I got the chance of reciting my poetry in front of many learned people. I had so many things going on in my life at the same time that I was not much scared about my future. I thought I would get a job and with these hobbies as my therapy, I would lead a happy life. But after my graduation and post -graduation I became a bit tensed about my career and future.
During that time, the concept of a government job was prevalent. But there were very less vacancies for it. Many people around me were in the banking sector. So after few years, I filled the form. Before this, I appeared for various exams but my preparation did not satisfy the specialised level of the questions. But this time, I was determined enough that I would get through this exam. So I put all my effforts and worked really hard. I qualified the exam in the first attempt.
I still remember the day when I got a confirmation letter from the bank. I was sitting with my brothers around the table and all of them were already settled in their career. We sat that day for settling a family issue. I was sitting there quietly. That very moment one of my friend came and handed me over the confirmation letter from the bank. That was the happiest moment for me. This letter gave me an identity within a few seconds. That was the most memorable time of my life. I joined it after 6 months. My first posting was in Madhya Pradesh. I shifted there and after meeting my colleagues I understood I could do much more in banking. After joining the bank, I appeared for two CAIIB papers and I passed both the parts quite easily. I got married and set up a family.  All this while, I never lost the touch with my interest in arts. I was connected with Jain Samaj and they once organized a rally for which 500 paintings were drawn. I had my contribution in all 500 paintings. I even made 50-60 paintings all alone. I never neglected my hobbies for my job or my job for my hobbies. I always had a balance between the two. It helped me keep myself fresh and energetic. Looking at people there, I thought I could do much better than them. But due to merging of banks, there was no promotions for a few years. Later, I worked very hard to get promoted from clerical to officer cadre. I put right amount of efforts required at that moment in life. From there on there was no looking back. I was always posted away from my native place, so I had no help from anyone. I was strong enough to take right decisions for my life at the right time.
Apart from all this, I do yoga and walk daily, to keep myself fit and healthy. It relaxes me a lot. If you are healthy you can pay attention to everything that interests you. I feel that life is a mixture of responsibilities and passion, and the one who makes a mocktail out of it, enjoys the real taste of life.”
*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not Winged Club.