Akanksha’s passion for Yoga will make you fall for it too!

wingedclub Akanksha's passion for Yoga will make you fall for it too!

Akanksha Dotiyal –
Yoga enthusiast

“I had Yoga as my extra curriculum subject. I was in 7th standard when I started exercising Yoga in school.  Initially, I had no interest in it but my teacher taught us different aasanas and, slowly and gradually, my interest developed. I started participating in different competitions. I went in my first zonal competition to Haridwar. I bagged 2nd position with a silver medal. Then I went for nationals too. My school supported me a lot. Everywhere I went for competitions, my school always had my back. I was not asked for a single penny by them.

I did my Bachelors in Commerce but then I gave it a thought and found that my interest truly lies in Yoga. Now, I’m pursuing my masters in Yoga. I want to start my own yoga classes and make believe in its magical strength. The main challenge for me was regularity. Regularity is the most important thing in Yoga. You can see it’s benefits only by being regular. I was irregular for some time but redeemed soon.
I was not a completely extrovert person with enough confidence who could talk to anyone. Yoga has worked as a therapy for me here. It has transformed me into a much more confident person, who can take decisions on her own and can create a better life for herself. I’ve become more calm and enthusiastic. I’m active all the time. I’ve no anger issues now which is most common amongst youngsters these days. Yoga has made my body and mind more relaxed and focused. I think all of us look for peace of mind at the end of the day and I’ve a firm belief, nothing works better than Yoga. I’ve been exercising it for nine years now and I think there can be no better remedy for all our problems.
Yoga is something so pure and natural for human body that it can help people of every age, be it a five year old or an eighty year old. The thing is that you just have to observe your body and be aware upto what extent you can perform it. Yoga can help in curing every disease. The patient has to be regular and under proper guidance. A proper diet should also be followed.
I’m currently working on inspiring people to do yoga on a daily basis through social media platforms. I’ll definitely plan to take Yoga on an international level but before that, I want Yoga to become a part of every Indian family. I’ll try my best to motivate people as much as I can. It has been a while since I’ve started a page on social media where I post everything about Yoga and a couple of people are already into it. I’m just being positive and hope to influence as many people as I can.
My parents have always supported me in taking Yoga as my career. They’ve never complained about me being more into Yoga than studies. I feel really fresh and completed whenever I do it. I think converting your interest into your career is the best thing you can do to yourself.
I’d like to suggest everyone to engage themselves in 45 minutes Yoga session everyday. New diseases are rapidly increasing. Yoga will help us in boosting our immunity and our body will be safe from all such diseases. Yoga can provide numerous benefits and is completely harmless.”
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*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not Winged Club.