Kirti owns a brand at the age of 21.

wingedclub kirti owns a brand at 21
Kirti Sharma- Founder (Kiraas), Jaipur, Rajasthan

“I was in first year of MBBS and exams were approaching. It is very tedious at times to learn all the scientific terms and diseases. I was trying to make my studies creative so I started watching documentaries, YouTube videos which were related to my course and to be precise, it included animal cruelty, climate change, global warming, plastic pollution, etc. As I was watching those videos and documentaries, I could feel a bolt that certain products that we use on our body are not only harming the environment but are also harmful for us. I’ve read about so many diseases which are linked to plastic, animal meat, ingestion of animal meat. Talking about the climate change, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, all of these have an impact on our bodies as well. I read all of this in my college books but it was not triggering me in a way that those documentaries did. It was very alarming that the products I’m using on my body will result in the suffering of three or four coming generations including my own generation.

All this realization led me to make my own beauty products. I started making my own animal cruelty free products. I started off with my family and relatives. I wanted to be sure that the products I’m using are, in any way, not contributing in the detriment of the environment. 
I started looking for the brands which claim to be vegan, chemical free and nature friendly. Their lip balm costs 200 to 300 bucks and the lip balm I made was actually vegan, nature friendly and chemical free and it costs just 25 bucks; it can be used for upto eight months. This is how KIRAAS was pulled off. It was a realization that hit me. I felt if I can do it for myself then why not do it for others too. Gradually, I introduced more products and there were people who were willing to contribute and help Kiraas grow. The main motive is to help the community and the planet to strive in a way that neither humans nor the planet suffers.
As the community of Kiraas was growing, my mother and I had this idea that we can use the money we were earning through Kiraas to plant trees. I had seen patches in my city. Initially, me and my friends used to go and anonymously clean the area so that people who notice us get aware and ask us and change what is wrong. We initially started with contributing 20% of the earnings in planting trees. We attached all these little things with the brand so that we can achieve what we are aiming for.
Coming from a Brahmin family, I’ve been a vegetarian since birth but I was very fond of dairy products. I had severe acne problem for which my doctor recommended to stop consuming dairy products. I had this choice of resuming the consumption of dairy products after my acne problems were solved. But after watching those documentaries, I decided I won’t switch my diet to dairy. I felt that if I can do it for myself then why not do it for the planet? I was in transition phase for four months because its very difficult to cut down a part of your diet entirely especially when you belong to a Brahmin family and you get to eat prasad everyday. My family was okay with me turning vegan but they wanted me to not stop eating prasad. Then, one of my friends suggested that I can eat only dry fruits. I’ve been a vegan for 1½ years now.
Kiraas was started in March, 2019. The goal is to reach to a larger number of people by the end of 2020. We’ve been communicating with some organizations in different parts of the country to collaborate with them. We wish to help as many underprivileged people, especially women, because they face a lot of struggle. We have a program in our vision where we will be appointing women from underprivileged communities and help them grow and they will help us grow too. We aim to spread love and positivity and make this world a more beautiful place.”
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