Surendra, a Lawyer turned successful businessman

wingedclub Surendra, a Lawyer turned successful Businessman
                 Surendra Kumar Srivastava –  Owner of Jai Bharat Engineering Co.

                     IF YOU ARE DESTINED FOR A WORK OR PLACE, YOU WILL GET THERE                                                                               SOONER OR LATER.
I was born in a farmer family in a small village of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. The condition of the family was okay but not that good. My education up to high school was from one of the Govt. inter colleges in Jaunpur. For my intermediate, I came to Allahabad and joined one of the inter colleges. After my schooling, I joined Allahabad University and did  my graduation. After completing my graduation I had a degree from Arts subject.  Graduation was done and then I thought of doing Law and for that, I again chose Allahabad University. My subject was Criminal Law. My elder brother had already started his firm known as ‘Jai Bharat’ in Sonbhadra. So he also helped father with my fees and I was able to get one more degree. My father and brother have supported me at every stage of my life. Within three years, I completed law as well. I had two degrees in hand. Everything was going well and I was very happy. But happiness is never permanent. For four years, I tried to qualify the PCSJ exam but I did not succeed. For the first two times, I was not able to qualify the written exam and for the next two times, I cleared the written part but was not able to make it in the interview. At times you come across people who are always there for you until they achieve their goals. Once they reach heights, they won’t even remember you. The same happened to me. One of my friends had passed the PCS exam and was in a good position but when I went to him for help, he said that he does not know me. I came back witha heavy heart and realized that I need to identify people who are right for me and choose them. I took admission in LLM and along with that I also joined Allahabad High Court and started my practice. Along with all this, I kept trying my hands on competitive exams.
I had so much going on in life that I thought of writing books for the preparation of PCSJ and APO exams. I gained so much of interest in this that I wrote more books after that. All the books were launched in the market having my name at the writer’s place. During that time there used to be only two coaching centres for law aspirants in Uttar Pradesh. Along with practicing law, I taught in one of those centres. Even after doing so much, I was not able to bring my economical conditions on the track. My elder brother had opened his new office in NTPC Unchahar. I wanted a better earning resource and he wanted somebody to keep an eye on his business at the new office. He asked me to join and I grabbed the opportunity. I was new in this field with zero knowledge about business.  But I wanted to learn and know about how business actually works. My supervisor and technician taught me everything and gradually I started getting interested in it. After a year, I understood it to the core.
Things started getting better when my wife came into my life. After I got married, I started getting a profit in my business. She was lucky for me. She, along with her, had brought all the good faith and happiness into my life. She shifted with me, but the condition of the house in Unchahar was not good. The house was very small and when my family started growing it became difficult for her to mange in such a small house. She faced difficulties but never complained. She always supported me and stood at my back. A huge credit goes to her in making my business a great success.
When I joined this business, used to visit the sites on a bicycle. Later, my elder brother bought a scooter for me and I started using that. The business was growing steadily and my economical condition was also getting better. Things started getting on track and I bought my first car. Now the company had gained heights and was spread to many parts of India. I opened new offices in many places like Nagpur, Bengal, Haryana, and so on. My firm was now also working with Reliance and was getting a huge profit. I started getting interested more and more in this business as this helped me gain economical stability. I now thought of trying my hands in the property business and started my property dealing company.  Even that was a huge success and I opened more companies like that. My life day by day was getting better. I was getting success in both of my businesses. That time I thought of gifting my wife her DREAM HOUSE. The construction got started and I was very happy for giving her the house she always deserved and wanted to live in but never asked for. From there on, there was no stepping back for the rest of my life. Every day, I worked harder to give my children and wife a great life which they deserve. Now I have many properties in Allabahad. I have also even worked with big companies such as ACC, TRF, TATA motors. Birla and Reliance are the few companies Jai Bharat is still working with. My elder brother gave me the identity that my degrees were not able to give to me.

Hard work always pays off later. One only needs to be dedicated, motivated and, concentrated towards when to catch the right opportunity and work hardest for it. My family and especially my wife has supported me in all my ups and downs. Never forget that when the world is against you, your family will always be ready to bring you up. There is a saying, ‘WORK IS WORSHIP’ and I totally agree with that. I just have two aims in my life – growing my businesses every single day and giving my family and children everything they want. No happiness is bigger than seeing your children falling  asleep at night with a smile on their faces and I will do everything to keep that smile intact.”
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