Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna: Anjul’s success mantra !

Anjul Rajput – Fashion Designer; Founder, Anj India

“I was an average student in school. My parents were also worried about what I would do in life. Fashion has been an integral part of my life always. I loved dressing up and styling my hair. Because I was not good in studies, my fellow mates didn’t like talking to me. Teachers had a very bad impression of me just because I was into fashion. All these reasons made me change my school. In another school, I started growing. I was into extracurricular activities as well as studies.

My father forced me to do CA but I knew I won’t be able to make it. I denied instantly and decided to pursue fashion designing. The people in smaller towns sometimes believe that if you’re going for fashion designing, you’re stepping into modeling, which is not the case at all. Whenever I stepped out in my locality, people used to stare at me and pass weird comments. My parents had the same ideologies. I had to make them understand the true meaning of fashion designing. No one in my family has ever been into this field. I was the first one so I had to go through great deals of disagreement. It was a big task to convince my parents but my mother supported me eventually.

I took admission in Satyam Fashion Institute in Noida. The merriment of my work made me a creative student of my college. I was always among the brilliant students. My passion for fashion brought victory. I excelled in what I loved the most. Initially, my parents were afraid but gradually, they started feeling that I can do it.

I met many fashion designers and organized meetings with them. I traveled to different cities to learn more about fashion and applied for a job. But my parents denied it. They thought I’ll be paid 10,000-15,000/- a month, so there’s no need for a job. They even forced me to marry and do whatever I want after marriage. This was the struggling phase of my life. I used to cry every day. It took a lot to convince my parents. But eventually, I made them believe that everything has its own time and once I take up a job, I’ll be able to do many other things.

I was the first person in my batch who got placed with a very famous designer, Mr. Joy Mitra. I took an experience of three months with him because I had some other plans. In the fashion line, NIFT students are given priority everywhere. The students who come from other institutions have to struggle a lot. I went to many cities for interviews but every time, I was left disappointed. Even if students from other institutes are more talented than NIFT students, NIFT was given priority. But after so much of hard work, I finally got a job and was very happy and satisfied with it.

Because of this pandemic, everyone is sitting home. I did nothing for three months and felt useless. It felt as if my studies will go in vain if I don’t take a step right now. I called one of my friends who is from Afghanistan but is in India from last eight years. We are working together. I told him that I want to use this time. We both decided to collaborate and start a fashion brand here in India. He has four stores in Afghanistan. I was in his designing team for his fashion brand. His fashion brand name is ‘Alsaab’. The name of my fashion label is ‘Anj Wear‘. He guides me with everything. It takes years to establish a fashion brand in an era of competition. But I’m hoping for the best. It’s just a start. Let’s see what life has to offer!

I’m planning to use only Indian fabric like cotton and khadi for my brand. My parents did not support me earlier but now, they do. I’m taking baby steps and I’ll make them proud one day for sure. I’m planning to open a store in my hometown, Najibabad, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. My father is my biggest support. He’s helping me every day. My main motive is to tell people that fashion designing doesn’t mean modeling. I want to introduce them to the true meaning of fashion designing. I’ve made profiles on different social media platforms. When I’ll have enough audience, I’ll start working on my website.

I have just a small message for everyone. Never bother about what other people are saying. Just listen to your heart. Focus on your goal. People will judge you, harass you but they will surely come to you once you become successful. Stick to what makes you happy. Your happiness is what matters at the end of the day!”

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