Amisha shares the power of effective communication and how it changed her life !

Amisha Gupta – Anchor, Live Show Host

“Effective communication is what makes you an effective human being and I realized this quite early. I like to communicate with people, engage them in meaningful conversations and keep them entertained till the end. So I decided to pursue Media and Mass Communication from Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun to follow my passion and give meaning to it.

For me, choosing Anchoring as a career has always been my priority. It is my passion which I plan to follow till the end. In the last year of my college, during a campus placement, I was placed in one of the renowned MNCs. But I chose not to go there, because I could not manage to choose something I’m not passionate about. I chose my own path, though the difficult one, where I had no lead about where and how to start. But I knew this is the only way for me to live my dream. And today I’m very happy with the choice I made back then.

Today, I’m a young public speaker, an Emcee, and a live show host by profession. I have hosted all the categories of events ranging from corporate gigs to social events. I have even hosted for some of the prominent corporate brands like Maruti Suzuki, Nexa, HP, Microsoft, Indian Oil, HITACHI, etc. Talking about social events, I have done that for Veterans, Army Officials, Women Activists, government Officials, etc. and have also worked with sensational personalities from the film industry like Jubin Nautiyal, Raza Murad Ji, Raghav Juyal, and Prince Narula.

The best and the most difficult part about being a live show Anchor is managing the crowd and keeping them entertained. This is also the part that determines how good you are. While doing live shows, I always try to be myself and keep my audience involved by doing some fun activities with them, talk about relatable things we experience in our daily lives, and try to create humor which is very important, else the show goes dull. I always try to bring positivity every time I mount the stage. When your mind is full of positive thoughts, you eventually get the confidence to start the show and keep going.

My family has always been my biggest support. They are the reason why I chose to be an Anchor. I learned being a good communicator from my father and my mother. They were the ones who taught me the power of effective communication and its value in life. To be honest, there was passive support initially because they were aware of the uncertainty and difficulties that would come across my way. Being parents, they just wanted me to be safe and happy. But I was determined to prove my family that I can do it and I am capable enough to handle all the difficult situations on my own. Eventually, I did convince them and now they are my strength. Not only my parents, but also my siblings are my constant supporters. What else would a person want.

I can’t explain how different my life has been since I started living my dream. I enjoy every moment while doing my job because this is what I like doing the most. Talking to new people, addressing the audience, and being on stage excites me every single time. Of course, initially going after your dream is difficult. You have to face a lot of challenges, especially when you are on your own. But when you are past that stage and get used to meeting new people and facing new challenges, you become a totally different person, a person who is worth all the hard work !”

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