Sanjana doesn’t shoot auto !

Sanjana Majumdar – Photographer

“I used to click pictures with my phone for my friends and I think that’s how everyone starts. I used to go through a lot of pictures by famous photographers. One of my cousins is also a professional photographer for National Geographic. My interest grew into seeing more and more pictures. After seeing them, I thought even I want to create those pictures. So, that’s when I thought of getting a DSLR. I also started seeing more photographers from around the world and became more passionate about it.

I’m pursuing B.Tech from Graphic Era University, Dehradun. Photography is my passion but Engineering has been in my interest since the very start. I’m in 4th year. My placements have just started. Currently, I’m preparing for the placements and, also creating my photography portfolio. I’m attempting the placement interviews because I get to know so many things. But, I want photography as my profession. I want to join a photography company and gain some experience because one of the most important things in photography is to get exposure.

I do all genres of photoshoots but I like fashion photography. We get to create the whole picture. Everyone participates in fashion photography. The models, the makeup artists, the set, and the photographer make a complete picture. Everyone compliments each other. It’s been less than a year since I started clicking pictures professionally. If anybody wanted some decent, close to professional pictures, they used to come to me and I clicked their photos with my phone. This made me want to click some quality pictures. That’s how I explored more about fashion photography. I’m learning visual arts and graphic design because they play a huge role in photography these days. I’m also planning to learn animation.

I’m lucky because my parents encourage my passion. They’re still doubtful about me taking it as a profession. They’ve given me enough chances to prove myself. And I’m sure they’ll give me more chances. I’ve had a word with them regarding this. They just want me to prove myself because most of the adults are generally not aware of such fields. My dad is an engineer. He believes if I become an engineer, I’ll be able to settle well in life. They don’t know about photography so I understand them and their ideologies.

I’m an introvert. It was very difficult for me to communicate with models in the starting. But it’s been two years since I started clicking pictures. I’ve worked on my weaknesses and I’m really happy about it. I thought I won’t be able to speak confidently ever but I’ve recovered this weakness. Communication is very important in any field so I had to work on it anyhow. You require a lot of patience in photography. You may not get favorable conditions all the time. Patience is something I had from a very initial stage. It has helped me in various situations. Photography is very much about adjusting and communicating with different people around, making models comfortable, and many more. There is always some new to do in photography.

My work has been published in Mob Journal Magazine. I’ve captured Femina Miss India sub-finalist, Akanksha Gupta. Recently, I’ve done a celebrity photoshoot with Shweta Mehta, Roadies Winner. I’m grateful to my parents for believing in me. Come what may, they’re always by my side. They advise me on everything. They support me with everything. I’ll be forever grateful to them.

I’d like to tell all the parents to let their child pursue what he/she loves. Don’t restrict your child from going into a field other than or medical. Support is the only thing your child wants from you. Support them and see what heights they’ll reach. Also, the younger generation out there, listen to your heart, and follow your passion. Stick to it. It is better to work hard than to regret it. You know yourself the best and only you can make yourself successful.”

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