Himanshu’s ‘Kali can also love’ is a compilation of poems to dismantle the orthodox mentality!

wingedclub Himanshu's Kali can also love is a compilation of poetries to dismantle the orthodox mentality
Himanshu Negi – Author, ‘Kali can also love’

“My journey towards being a writer/poet started with a curious mind. I believe that one doesn’t accomplish something overnight. Years of learning, hard work, and a constant will to keep going is what makes you successful. My book “Kali can also love” is also a result of all those years of curiosity and observation.

Right from my childhood, I was a curious person. My parents, my place of birth, my teachers all have a major impact on my life. I was born in Kanvashram, the birthplace of emperor Bharat, Kotdwar. Also, Kanvashram is mentioned by Kalidas in one of his plays called Abhijnana Shakuntalam. My birthplace has a lot of historical importance, which made me more curious about it. Ever since my childhood, I was very fascinated by Kalidas. I would read a lot of his work and that’s how my interest grew in books.

As a child, I would ask a lot of questions from my parents. Unlike others, they never shut me down. They always supported me and helped me find answers to my never-ending questions. They are my inspiration and one of the reasons why I started writing. My parents, who are also great thinkers with a wonderful mind, also wanted to become writers. But never got the opportunity to turn their thoughts into words. This pushed me to do something which my parents couldn’t do. I wanted them to feel proud of me and that was my greatest inspiration while writing “Kali can also love.”

Growing up, I started observing a lot of things in society most of which would never make sense to me. We live in a society where there is a different set of standards for males and females. Everyone has to live by them. People discriminate against each other based on gender, color, religion, and my writing was affected by these societal differences. My book ‘Kali can also love” is mostly influenced by these thoughts. It’s a series of poems leading to a story of a girl, Kali. Kali had to face a lot of difficulties while growing up because of the fake societal norms. She was also expected to follow these norms. This was my first attempt to reach people’s minds and tell them that gender, color, religion don’t matter. We all have the right to love and be loved. What truly matters is the kind of person you are.

I started writing when I was in 8th standard but my love for reading great authors is even older. I like reading great authors/philosophers like Swami Vivekanand, Ram Krishna Paramhansa. Also, I have a major interest in poetry. Jaun Elia, who is a great poet from Pakistan is one of my favorite poets. I love his poems and I am very much inspired by his work. All these great authors and poets are a part of my life. I grew up reading their books, poems which played a great role in making me what I am today.

My second series called “Morning Star” which is also a part of “Kali can also love” is about spirituality. It is about how the poet thinks we can walk down the path of spirituality and attain it. I got a lot of appreciation for my work. Some people even asked me disbelievingly if I had seriously written this book. They couldn’t believe I was so good with words but it made me happy. I was getting recognition and this was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me.

As a poet/writer I believe that every person has a hidden poet inside him/her. But not everyone can put their thoughts into words. I was able to do it with the constant motivation and support of my family, friends, and my teachers. They always believed in me and pushed me to do it. I am also very thankful to Graphic Era Hill University, Prof. Kamal Ghansala (Chancellor), Prof. Dr. Sanjay Jasola (Vice-Chancellor), and my whole department of B.A (eng Hons.) to help me transform my dreams into reality. This couldn’t have been possible without their support.”

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