Varnika proves ‘Where There is a Will, There is a Way’ !

wingedclub Varnika proves 'Where There is a Will There is a Way' !
Varnika Pal – Vice President, Kolkata Block, Raja Human Rights Protection Foundation

“Since childhood, I’ve a quest to learn and explore different fields. I never restricted myself to just studies. Though I never failed and passed with average grades, my keen interest was always in extracurricular activities. Due to my interest in various fields, I’ve always been addressed as a jack of all trades. Thankfully, I never let the second part of the proverb to be true!

I was in the sixth standard in Summer Valley, Dehradun when I started writing. The very first poem I wrote was on ‘ Books‘. I used to write in between my lectures randomly on any topic that came to my mind. When the Nirbhaya rape case happened, I was in the ninth standard. That shook me so deep that I poured my views on the paper in the form of a poem. The poem was a depiction of my extensive rage towards the incident.

The poem was circulated in the class and without my knowledge, it reached my principal. The principal called up my parents and my mother appeared. I was very nervous as I was never that studious. But to my surprise, the principal applauded me for my work and encouraged me to write more poems. This soon ended as I was trapped in the loop of scoring marks, procuring percentage.

In 2015, I went to Graphic Era University, Dehradun, and admitted myself to B.Tech Biotechnology. I had a keen interest in modeling as well. Since I was a kid, I looked up to Twinkle Khanna and followed her dressing sense. So in the year 2018, gathering all my hopes, I filled up the form for Miss Uttarakhand, 2018. This was not easy for me as I belonged to a farmer’s family and modeling was never considered good. Moreover, I had a whitish skin tone so I was often a victim of racism. My mother and my younger brother were constantly there to support me. Despite all the odds, I didn’t give up and put in my best efforts. I used to whisper the question answers in sleep as well. I prepared 280 questions for the questionnaire round where only 3 questions were supposed to be asked.

On the day of the contest, my father didn’t turn up thinking there were 147 entries, where would I stand! I gathered all my courage and walked with confidence. I secured the position of the first runner up as well as the title of ‘PERFECT 10’.

After this, I showed up myself at the Ramp at Asia’s biggest festival. I was a Show stopper at Dream zone Doon Club and was invited to many shows as chief guest. I was in fourth year of graduation when I shot for Shivam Sadana’s Punjabi Song, ‘Kaint Teri Nazaraan’ which has gained 1 million views on YouTube.

wingedclub Varnika proves 'Where There is a Will There is a Way' !

In 2019, I gave an exam for Indian Maritime University and scored all India rank 132. I opted Kolkata as my campus. Choosing the campus was again a difficult task as Kolkata was quite far away from Dehradun. But since it is a central government university and I worked hard to take admission, my family was finally convinced. Currently, I am pursuing an MBA in International Transportation and logistics from there.

It’s almost a year there so I have engaged myself with an NGO named Raja Human Rights Protection Foundation. I’m the Vice president of the Kolkata Block. The fundamental aim is to provide the needy with basic rights and amenities. If we’re able to do things then why shouldn’t we? So many people sleep without food so why not provide them!

wingedclub Varnika proves 'Where There is a Will There is a Way' !

For the time being, I am at my place in Dehradun due to this pandemic. I’ve adopted a new way to write poetry which includes journals. I’ve also applied for collaboration with Delhi Poetry Slam and given two of my poems named ‘Moksh Kha Hai?’ and ‘Tumhari Varnika’. I find poetry as a medium to pen down feelings. I feel people should adopt this beautiful mode of expressing their feelings. One should never stop following their passion. I’ve decided to go to Miss India after my MBA. Throughout my journey, I’ve learned to grab opportunities. I think one should have complete faith in oneself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?”

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*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not Winged Club.