Chavi found her missing piece in Baking!

WingedClub Chavi Found her missing piece in Baking!
Chavi Agarwal – Home Baker, Sugary Delights

“After the 10th grade, there was a lot of confusion regarding choosing a suitable subject amongst Science, Commerce, and Arts. Since I was good at business, I opted for commerce. My ultimate goal was to become a CA.

After completing the 12th grade, I went to Dehradun and enrolled for CPT coaching from Aldine Institute. I had completed it in one go. It was a good start for me. With a positive attitude and a healthy mind, I was looking forward to accomplishing my goal. For further studies, I went to Delhi. Having complete faith in myself, I went for the first attempt of IPCC exam but was unable to clear it, followed by two more attempts and resulting in failure. I was so much demotivated that I decided to quit that thought eventually.

I was at home for around eight months. My mother had been baking for many years. Our days were incomplete without drooling and attractive cakes. I always wanted to bake like her. While I was home, I also tried my hands on baking. Gradually I starting baking good and all by myself, I used to try various other things via YouTube and it slowly became my passion. I started brushing up my skills with regular engagements and used to work hard on the tinniest of the details.

Besides this, I had to focus on my future as well. I wanted to earn a good sum of money. Though I couldn’t clear the IPCC exam, my interest remained static. GST excited me. With the introduction of GST, I thought I could join a CA firm at least. Therefore I went back to Delhi and joined a CA firm. I was appointed as an Accounts Executive. All I had to do was manage GST and taxation issues there. I didn’t want to leave behind such a big part of my life. Hence, I continued my work there.

With the imposition of the Covid-19 lockdown, all the citizens are going through a very rough patch of their lives. Just like others, I did come back home because of the same crisis. Everyone started working from home. We had longer working hours than usual. I became frustrated as our workload had been increased. The schedule had become extensively hectic. So to get rid of the stress, I started baking every alternate day again. My interest grew stronger. I searched baking videos on YouTube and added different flavors to my cakes and other things. To improve myself each day, I used work with complete dedication. Baking made me happy and acted as a stress buster.

WingedClub Chavi Found her missing piece in Baking!

While I was sitting idly and scrolling my feed, a thought came by- Why not start my home bakery? I shared this with my family members and they were highly impressed. They agreed and promoted and motivated me to start as soon as possible. I started arranging things for my new venture. Because of the lockdown, we were unable to step out. I had to order everything online. I talked to different dealers from Delhi, Meerut, and many other places as well and they helped me out.

The day I introduced my venture into the market. I got such a good response that everyone felt proud of me. I was overwhelmed and in tears of joy. Now, it has been more than a month that I have been working in my home bakery. Not a single day has gone by without baking. TOUCHWOOD! The response has been amazing and my customers are very motivating. I receive so many orders each day. People are loving my creations and I’m loving to serve them! I get so much relief while doing my work. My mother has been my biggest and constant supporter. She stands with me the whole day and helps me with the work.

Now I think that I’ve got the complete happiness that I’ve always been looking for over many years. It all started with a fantasy of being a baker and has now turned true. What a game, dear Destiny! I had never thought that I’d become a baker. But now that I’ve achieved it, I want to continue baking for the rest of my life and improve myself each day. I don’t know what my future holds, but I won’t give up on this. That’s a promise I’ve made to myself!

WingedClub Chavi Found her missing piece in Baking!

I think age is just a number. You can explore yourself at any point of time. If you’re indulged in baking then try your sweet tooth by turning your hobby into a profession.
Work your magic with the whisk, knowing every ingredient, and cater to your hungry clients who love your treats!”

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*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not the Winged Club.