Suyash’s music is a treat to the ears !

wingedclub suyesh's music love is impeccable !
Suyash Singh – Musician/Composer

“Although there was no one in my family with a musical background, I had a love for music since childhood. I’d been observant enough to see things or my surroundings and relate everything to music. Even today I’ve this attitude of not giving up on things that my mind finds difficult to achieve. I was a kid when my father realized that I could learn instruments. He got me a tabla and I started learning it.

Although I was passionate about music, I decided to keep it as my hobby. Having a professional degree was also important to me. I went to Graphic Era University for B.Tech. I feel engineering made me a better musician anyhow. The people whom I met in my college life were some of the best musicians. I feel lucky enough to have performed and worked with them. College gave me some of the best performances and memories of my life.

I felt confident during my college life about music. My friends used to love me for what I did. My faculty was always supportive. They never complained about me missing classes. Most of them even told me to pursue my dream and give up my job. In fact, all the people around me have always been supportive every time.

wingedclub suyesh's music love is impeccable !

People usually feel production needs a good quality studio but it’s just a myth. A decent laptop, a DAW, and some other things are all you need. Production is also about applying music theory which i’m still learning. So sometimes it becomes quite challenging for me. For the good sound, getting and working on a good gear is still a dream for many people including me and gears cost you a hell lot of money. We producers do a lot of hardwork producing and making music, mixing them. But people still negotiate and they want the best outcome by giving least or no money. People should understand that we artists work a lot for making something that you people can hear and applause.

If you play instruments, a good instrument costs a lot. If you really want to learn and improve, everything is available online. You just need to introspect and see yourself every day if you’re growing or learning new things. An artist, especially a musician has a lot of difficulties in his career which includes getting rejected , being asked to play as a “freebird” playing to empty rooms. It’s some difficulties which even I used to face during my initial days and sometimes even today. But we all need to get over all this and become who we truly want to.

When it comes to achievements I’ve still have got so many things to achieve which I am still figuring out and working for . Apart from having done some degrees in music and instruments with distinctions, playing and recording for famous people I looked upon in my childhood, working as an artist for companies, opening stage for many college fests and celebrities, being on the list of top producers in remix competitions, winning competitions at national level, what I’ve got to know is that the struggle and hardwork for getting better and better everyday never stops.

I guess my family has always been the biggest blessing of my life. All the credit goes to my family for what I am today. They’ve supported me, listened to my music all day and night. They are my inspiration. It’s my prime focus to make that music to which people stomp their feet, clap their hands, and chant away. Playing and improving my hands on different instruments is a lifetime process. And there are some people whom I look up to, the ones that I wish to play like.

wingedclub suyesh's music love is impeccable !

To all the musicians and people out there, just go for your dreams. Don’t limit yourself over anything. Everything is possible if you decide to work hard and practice. Always be full of gratitude and stay grounded. Talent can never be hidden if you are blessed and work hard for the same. Respect all artists and whatever you learn, pass it on to others. You will learn more by teaching and it will make you respect your art more.

Music is something which feeds my soul. I feel those strings beneath my fingers and it calms down a fraction of the chaos that’d been raging inside. The notes that follow, aren’t something that I have spent hours practicing. They aren’t something out of a book, they are words to me. It gets me through every time and everything.

Give yourself time, embrace anxiety. Most of the compositions may come out of any emotional conflicts but it isn’t an issue because they are natural. Embrace spontaneity, practice more and more. Make a schedule and try seizing creative moments. You should be freaky and embrace all artforms. Exercise, see and feel the music. Be a superhuman.”

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