SIGMA – The new rapping sensation from Dehradun !

wingedclub SIGMA - The new music sensation of Uttarakhand !
Jitendra Singh – Musician / Rapper

“I am a loner. Usually, introverts are mistaken to have an attitude but the reality is they do not like crowds. I’m SIGMA, my real name is Jitendra Singh. I am a rapper and songwriter. I am keenly observant. Although I hate gatherings, I’m not anti-social. I love to spend time with myself, introspect, and improve in solace. Though I don’t talk much, I truly appreciate true connections.

I was born and raised in Dehradun. I belong to a simple middle-class family. I’ve a big dream which I want to fulfill soon. I’ve done my schooling from Carman School Dalanwala, Dehradun. I was an average kid, not good in studies nor popular in school. I started writing songs when I was in the 11th standard but was way too shy to open up and showcase my talent in front of others. Unlike other singers, I was not loud and usually spent time with myself away from people. I loved corners over crowds.

I went to Graphic Era Hill University for pursuing B.Com Hons.( Batch 2017-2020) and that played as a game-changer. There I met new people and that completely changed my perspective; the more you will interact with new people, the more you will gain knowledge about this world. Earlier I had limited myself but after coming to college I realized the worth of my talents and started performing in front of my friends. It is because of them only that I am much more confident and I can perform stage shows. I am a completely different personality now, much more versatile, self- assured, and daring. They have always supported me and motivated me in all the decisions and listened to me whenever needed.

The journey started as I started making funny rapping videos for Youtube and that was much loved by all,.I was appreciated and pushed forward for making good content. And since then I’ve never stopped. The videos were a spoof of Gully Boy named “Pahadi Boy”. My friends encouraged me and I gathered the courage to perform on Fresher’s Party. That was the happiest day of my life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and had beaten all the things that have been my weaknesses- stage fear, audience fear, and shyness. Everyone loved my work and voice. The hall was full of loud applause after my performance and I was in tears. I was extensively delighted and happy. Since that day I am uploading regular videos over my Instagram and YouTube account.

I am super bold and try to refine my skills through a regular practice session. I just pen down whenever I find words and lines and weave them in the form of a beautiful rap or song. Rapping for me is a way of expressing those feelings that cannot be put into words, be it anger, love, sadness, joy. I just jot down these feelings and say it through my songs.

I feel blessed to have this talent however my parents don’t support me. My mother still holds a little back but I never stop. I know what I’ve to do and most of all, I know this talent will surely lead me somewhere. I’ll prove them wrong someday and they’ll surely be proud of me.

My major source of dedication and motivation lies in my audience and friends. I try to give them my best. I write what they want to hear not what I want them to listen. Also, I make new tones and compositions that audiences of today’s generation prefer.

Music relaxes one’s mind, be it the singer or the listener. It gives a soothing effect and lets you forget all the tensions. My music talent has made me famous and lovable amongst the GEU and GEHU family. I hold a good reputation and every student enjoys my work. Also, I am working on various Garhwali songs and the conservation of our culture through the medium of singing.

I don’t have any achievements till now but I’m looking forward to many. I have auditioned in a virtual Rap Show named “Asli Rapstar” and have stood in the Top 180 rappers in India. It is a big one for me indeed. As they say, often big goals are achieved through small steps.

I just want to say that one must never stop making efforts. I keep on making songs. Actually, I don’t care if I’m receiving enough views or not, I just make videos, because that makes me happy. You never know about your luck, some things are unpredictable; a single post can get you fame, therefore never stop working for it. Just maintain good quality content and you are all set to go for it!”

Instagram – @thesigmamusic

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