Srijak will make you fall in love with food all over again!

WingedClub Srijak will make you fall in love with food all over again!
Srijak Bansal – Student

“Food might just be a mere word for other people but for me, Food is an emotion. It gives me peace and nothing makes me happier than having good food. Of course, other things in life that are equally important but my love for food is irreplaceable. I remember how I used to send food snaps to my friends and this habit of mine later turned into my hobby. Therefore, I started my food blog called @thathungrybaniya on Instagram clearly out of my love for food. My main motive was to collect all the food in one place. So, for the same, I choose the Social Media Platform where I can reach out to millions of people and show them various cuisines in the way I see them.

I am basically from Kolkata but for the last three years, I am living in Delhi due to my studies. In between the two cities, I have got to explore a major variety of food. When I first came to Delhi, I was intrigued by the various food pages on Instagram and started researching more on it. One of my college senior had a very engaging food page and amazing feed. He offered me to work under him. I happily agreed and thus I started my journey as a food blogger. I learned various things about food blogging and soon after having 3-4 months of experience, I started my own page @thathungrybaniya.

Food blogging may seem like a piece of cake to many people but it is not as easy as it seems. Just like any other person I too faced challenges in my initial days. I used to click all the pictures with my phone as I didn’t have a DSLR. The biggest challenge was the editing part. I asked many popular food bloggers on how to go for editing and some tips for the food page. I wanted to become a professional food blogger. Honestly, most of the people didn’t even reply but this didn’t pull me down. I never gave up and finally, some people genuinely gave me a good piece of advice. So I started editing my pics on an application called Snapseed. I knew the fact that “Good things take time and sweat” and so did my skills in editing.

Initially, the pictures weren’t appealing but they grew better with the time. With the improvement in my work, there was also an increment in the number of my Instagram followers. But the advancement was not very drastic hence I was a little nervous about my page. I have a theory that goes like this- I believe that if everyone starts to focus on the content rather than the number of followers. You should just remember why did you even start it in the first place, then nobody can really stop the page from growing.

WingedClub Srijak will make you fall in love with food all over again!

The unique thing about my page is that I only showcase vegetarian food. A lot of people find it strange that how vegetarian food can be as delicious as non- vegetarian food. But Alas! It does. I think we live in India and our country has the best food cuisines, be it vegetarian or non- vegetarian. Since I am a pure vegetarian I bring out the best vegetarian food to the people, so that you never miss out the good part.

Sometimes handling this page becomes a little difficult with all the studies going on but I try my best to keep on coming with mouth-watering food options to please my followers. My love for food is not going to end. I plan to innovate with food blogging. It makes me happy and one should never let go of things that bring them joy. Even if it’s the smallest of things. you should hold on to them and wait till does wonders for you.”

Instagram: @thathungrybaniya

Youtube: @thathungrybaniya

*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not the Winged Club.