Avni’s heart-warming sketches are a proof that it is better late than never !

WingedClub Avni knows how to express through sketching !
Avni Tyagi – Sketching artist.

“Creativity is experimenting, innovating, and failing. It is the greatest way to allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. A lot of my interest lies in creative work such as sketching, painting, watching nature, and so on. I am a calm and composed person who is optimistic, and going and loves exploring new places. I enjoy watching nature, going for long walks, and relaxing within a healthy and green environment. It soothes me and helps me feel close to this earth. I’m a girl that enjoys the present moments of life ignoring the past and not bothering about the near future, living consciously and with great joy!

I belong to Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and have done my schooling from here itself. I’ve a keen interest in machines and technology and therefore I am highly fascinated by the same. I’ve done my graduation in B.Tech from the most renowned college of the state Graphic Era University, batch 2016-2020. With God’s grace and hard work, I’ve also been placed in Infosys and enjoying my passion and profession at the same time with complete pleasure.

This love for sketching emerged when I was a kid. I tried to copy my sister who used to take drawing classes back then. I could copy her work in an absolutely good manner. She used to push and correct me wherever I went wrong, always encouraged me to draw more and work hard on big projects. Everyone appreciated my drawings and pushed me forward to make more. My drawing teacher in school was highly fascinated and impressed with my work. I used to make drawings for my friends, make the diagrams and this indeed has enhanced my skills. I didn’t take it as a burden then but rather enjoyed all that. Even after opting science stream in the 11th standard, I used to draw a lot. It kept me motivated and freshened up my mood whenever I felt sad or was in stress.

WingedClub Avni knows how to express through sketching !

Sketching has always been an escape for comfort, relaxation, and pleasure for me. Along with this my family has always respected and admired my works. They have always stood by my side and adore my drawings. My father is a huge fan of my work and suggests various new ideas and improvements. Also, the feedback that I get from my customers means a lot to me. The customer is the king! And satisfying a customer’s desire is my priority.

College life has also gifted me a few gems that have always encouraged me and supported me to a great extent. I cannot thank them enough for their overwhelming love and compassion towards me and my work. To express the same, they had also ordered goodies from me and have helped a lot in the marketing of my small start-up.

wingedclub Avni's heart-warming sketches are a proof that it is better late than never !

Through sketching, I try to express feelings; be it anger, love, happiness. I believe in one thing – we are on this Earth to express ourselves in some or the other way, then why not use our talent, passion, and things we are good at to do the same? Such things can make this world a better place and humanity can sustain a little longer by this.

I started proper sketching when I was stuck in Mysore for 2 long months. I took the best out of this opportunity and deviated my energy to do something I love. Also now, as my training is about to begin, I’ve got a little spare time to dedicate to this sketching business. My clients are also really supportive and understand the fact that art takes time. They don’t bound me with deadlines and instead offer me new ideas for my work.

I’m very serious when it comes to the enhancement of my skills. I try and learn every day. Also, I try out different patterns with different shades, pencils, and other tools. I follow many artists and try to implement their methods and suggestions in my work. I also listen to the recommendations and suggestions of others. Keeping myself updated about this industry, the people working in it, and of course, the latest tools and techniques is something I feel is the most important.

wingedclub Avni's heart-warming sketches are a proof that it is better late than never !

Also, I’ve won various competitions at school as well as college and recently won a competition which was organized by an NGO in Chennai. I was on cloud nine and I’m looking forward to more. But the only thing I regret is that I started this a little late. My suggestion to all the budding artists is that if you know your talent and it’s worth, you should give it a try as soon as possible. Whenever you’ll start, consider it as the right time to change your life. Don’t wait for it, rather rush towards it. Don’t even miss a single day, just make each day count. Let each day add a new lesson so that when one chapter ends, you find a new you that’s eager to go for more.

WingedClub Avni knows how to express through sketching !

My future goal is to be an all-time practitioner and also excel in my job, as it is my side hustle. I think if one person has that willingness and willpower to achieve his/her goals, he/she would just need to put in efforts and work hard on it, constantly improving and growing. That’s the recipe for success.”

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