Ritika takes the highest flight !

wingedclub Ritika takes the highest flight !


Ritika Anand – Senior Tax Analyst, PwC, Bangalore.

” I will not stop, I will keep on learning until and unless I will become a Boss Lady. I want to be victorious at such an extent that everyone feels proud of me; especially my parents. I was a studious kid, always into studies. I remember how my mom used to teach me until I  started my coaching classes. I am a determined and hard-working person. I put my 100 percent in each and every task in which I am involved. I had my schooling from Ryan International, Gurgaon. I was a bright and blazing student throughout. My first joyous moment occurred when I was in the 9th standard. I was awarded a Scholar Badge in our Annual School Ceremony. I could remember my father holding a camera in the front row wishing to capture this little achievement of mine which meant the world to him. Since then, I decided that I need to make this life worth living and beat the competition in the market. Belonging to a middle-class family, I knew how many pains my father and mother were taking to make our future bright. I went for commerce in Secondary Schooling years of mine. I knew I had to put my foremost so that I may acquire admission in Delhi University’s North Campus College. I worked till late night hours studying and revising my lessons, I gave regular tests, I didn’t even compromise once. Once you are diligent and dedicated to your ultimate goal, No one can distract you away. I was so much in love with my syllabus that I had even finished the whole thrice by the time my board exam arrived. I remembered I used to study 8-9 hours a day. I was conscious of the fact that “I will attain good results at the end if I put my best now.’  But life is not an easy path to move on, you experience heartbreaks, dejection, and disappointments. I was on my best trail for boards when I suffered from Dengue that too just a few days before my pre-boards. I was in a big trauma. By the time I returned home I grew weaker physically and mentally. In any condition and so I managed to give my exams. But results showed where I lacked and that favorable outcome required more of my time and labor. Though I was disheartened as I had scored 50%  marks in math yet others went amazing, but my father had complete faith in me. He got me to join one of his friends who was a math professor for two months. I knew what  I was capable of but all I needed was concentration and attention towards my studies at that point in time. I had put all my sweat and blood into my studies. I gave mock tests and trial exams. All of my exams went well after then. I was now eagerly waiting for the results to be out. Once you work passionately in silence, your results make the loudest noise. My results were out and I had scored 94.25%, I was in seventh heaven and so were my parents. I was delighted as it was my Mom’s birthday and she said that she had received her best gift and nothing more could have made her happier than this.

Then I got into Gargi College, University of  Delhi, and enrolled in B.Com Hons. College went well and was challenging for me. I was really bold and confident enough so decided to be a part of the Marketing Society. I love to talk and express, therefore I chose to make it my strongest weapon. I always wanted to be the best out of the rest and hence worked a little more daily on the same. My Dad had always taught me to stand strong and stiff when you haven’t done wrong. I guess that is one of the main reasons I stand with guts when I train 100s of trainees now. Back then Ernst&Young had visited our college for its recruitment. I had thought that just for the sake of experience I will attend the same because immediately after graduation I will do my masters and then will go for the job. But Who knew that I will return home with E&Y goodies and an offer letter in my hand. Everyone contended and it went grin from ear to ear.  I joined as an Audit Associate there and completed my masters along with it. I worked for about one and a half years there and made a brilliant group for friends. In my life, I have always given foremost importance to family and then Friends. Once I am a friend to someone I never back off in any situation and stand by them in every kind of situation. Leaving E&Y proved a little harsh for me. I joined another firm but it resulted in a standstill situation for me. Somehow I understood that this was not my cup of tea and left the same after 9 months.  I went jobless for about two months after this and the sorrow of the same started to turn into depression. I was always on my toes and just enjoyed working and now missed being bossy on my team. I kept myself motivated by watching inspirational videos on youtube. I was in serious trauma and filed for E&Y again but this time, due to some of their policies, they did not accept my resume. Then the days ended and I received an offer letter from PwC, Gurgaon. My time changed and I grew into a better person. By this time I was 22 and decided to get married to the man of my life whom I had been dating for the last 5 years. Things went smoothly and we got hitched. My husband is my moral support and strength. He keeps me motivated and is a fitness freak personality. I make small missions for myself that ultimately lead me to a bigger vision that I have seen for myself. According to me, an aimless person will never experience struggle as well as success. He/She will live a privileged life sitting ideally doing nothing.

I feel proud when I see my colleagues who are CAs by profession and still call me professionally to resolve their issues at work. I love my work and enjoy doing it. Besides this, I really love to do gym and workout daily. I am a shopaholic. I try my hands-on cooking. I wish to be a woman who is an all-rounder. We then shifted to Banglore and I was appointed as a Senior Tax Analyst in PwC, Bangalore. I keep on refining my vocal skills and techniques until now. I keep myself updated to match the speed of the world. I believe that there is always a scope of improvement however, how much successful you become, you should not stop learning. Learning gives you confidence and the courage to stand out for yourself. It helps in your personal and professional growth . I am also looking forward to an exam in the near future. I am still struggling because I have not attained what I have wished for. This is just the beginning. I won’t call my story a “successful” one until and unless I become the Lady who is capable of handling both the worlds of her~ the office and the house.”

*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not the Winged Club.