Aditya feels close to GOD!

wingedclub Aditya feels close to God.

Jyoti – Student of class 11
“I was a child of 1 year when my life started taking UNWANTED TURNS. My memories of those days are of course not strong but from my parents and family, I have learned about those days. I was only 1 year old when COLD DIARRHEA struck me down. Luckily my life was saved but something happened that changed my life forever. I LOST THE ABILITY TO HEAR. At first, my parents could not understand it and I could not tell them as I was not able to speak during that time. I started panicking as my ears were not getting any sounds. I could see people around me talking, I could see things falling on the ground but I was still not able to listen to any sounds of any pitch. I got so scared and I wanted to listen to the sounds so I thought of a solution and started throwing everything I reached at. But all my tricks failed. My parents got tired of my activities. They were not able to understand what was going on and they took me to the doctor. The doctor gave them the biggest SHOCK  of their life. He told them that I cannot listen and it is due to the wrong treatment earlier. They took me to ENT specialist and there they got another shock. He told my parents that I’m deaf since birth. All the tests were done and I was given the HEARING AID. The hearing aid was of no use for me and I was still not able to listen.
Three years passed like this and for three years I did not hear anything. The doctor told my parents about another option. He informed them about COCHLEAR IMPLANT. My parents gave their consent and I was in OPERATION THEATRE for  SIX LONG HOURS. The operation was successful a device called COCHLEAR WAS FITTED IN MY MIDDLE EAR. Surgery started from the back of my ears and continued till my head and from there cochlear was fitted in my middle ear. After every one week, I was taken to the hospital for dressing and after one month a hearing aid was fitted on my head. The machine was switched on and with the help of a computer, the machine was fixed at a level at which I could hear. After two months of surgery, I was able to listen to the sounds around me. I even started understanding the activities going around. But still, my struggle was not over. From there on a different life happened. My mother took me to a number of classes and therapy sessions so that I can learn how to speak and listen. Yes! you read it right I have attended classes and therapy sessions to learn something which comes naturally to most of you reading this. 
As I started understanding things late, I was not that good in academics. My mother worked very hard along with me. Things were not easy for me either in school or in society. Due to the big and heavy machine which I carried at my back, I became the constant subject of fun in my school and society. I was even not allowed to go on the rides in an amusement park or to freely go out in rain. If I wanted to do all that, I had to remove my machine which brought me unwanted sympathies. Technologies advance every day and with this, a smaller machine, called KANSO, was inventedThis is a small machine that gets hidden within my hair. It has made my life easier than ever. This device comes with Bluetooth which can be connected to phones and other sounds happening around get canceled. This device has even helped in my academics. A mic comes along with this device which I have given in my school and when the teacher switches it on, I can hear only her voice which has improved my performance in academics. Things have become very easy with this device. Now I can easily go on rides and I could easily play in the rain. I just have to put a protective cover over my device. I  just have to stay alert and careful about my machine and the battery. When I go for a haircut I have to guide the barber so that scissors do not cut the area of surgery. After every six months, I have to go for MAPPING, just to check how much I can listen, and according to that, the level of the machine is increased or decreased.
Life tried to let me down but I took this as an opportunity to move up in life. I now feel more closer to God as I believe he(God) has sent me with this disability because he found me stronger enough to fight against this and live a normal life. My parents held my hand tight and were the constant supporters. Nothing can be enough to thank them. Through my story, I only want to convey a single message to everyone reading this ‘PEOPLE SHOULD BE HAPPY AND CONTENT WITH ALL THAT THEY HAVE’. If there is no problem in life then life would be incomplete but those who fight with their problems and come out smiling are the winners in true sense. Now my only aim in life is to spread happiness and love everywhere and to make my parents and family proud. Life certainly tried to make me 0 but I added 1 before that. I know I am winner and I’m proud about it.”
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