Mr. Kalopsia, the space man !

Eashan Mishra – Self-Taught Artist, Self- Proclaimed Astronaut

“Although I opted for engineering, I wasn’t able to interest myself in those subjects. During my first year of college, I found that this field can’t be my plan A. So, I decided to find my true passion. At the age of 18, I think no one is crystal clear about their career options or passion they need to follow. So it sometimes becomes obvious that you have to follow what your family asks you to. And guess what, mine is a family of engineers. But giving up on one and trying on hundred other things is never a bad idea. Who knows what that will unfold for you.

I started doing activities like singing, playing piano, different music genres, literature and many things but I couldn’t find any positive results. I was almost at a brink of giving up the whole thing. I was depressed. I used to be so good at everything in school. A topper, good at swimming, good at piano, then why do I have to go through such a downfall in college?

I was at the brink of giving up my life. Then one fine day, a guy called me and asked if I could Photoshop. Though I had never tried my hands on Photoshop, but still I decided to give it a shot. I was supposed to create a poster and for that I watched several tutorials on YouTube, created that poster in three days and felt that this is something I would love to try to continue with. This was how I found my passion for designing. After that I started creating posters for my college clubs, different events and fests and this led to the creation of my Instagram page, KALOPSIA. It means someone who has a unique vision to see things. It is the proudest thing for me. From that day on, I have been creating art almost every day.

Kalopsia was a random project in which I created things that did not make any sense in the real world, but were magic to me. I created something new everyday for last three years of my college. This passion of mine offered me so many opportunitues to showcase my talent and work with clients from all over the world. I got the chance to work with great pioneers in the music and film industries of the world. Kalopsia helped to get me a job when I didn’t even know that I could get one.

One of the proudest moment for me was being featured by official page of PHOTOSHOP thrice and in their bio on Instagram. I was also the Featured Artist for International Human Space Flight Day and the only Indian artist to be followed back by the official page of PHOTOSHOP. Also my idol Elon Musk saw one of my art works which I made for him. This was the biggest moments of my life because of the works he’s been doing so far.

My art works are related to space in common. That is because of my love for space which I can say was back from my childhood when my mom got me a book which had many fascinating things like galaxies, super-novas. Through this, I want to inspire young kids and adults to be fascinated by space which is bigger than they can ever imagine. This led to creation of Mr. Kalopsia, who’s a space man. I also created my own space suit.

Finding passion is not a easy task. Everyone is aware about the fact that they have little amount of time to achieve it. You can’t just sit and think what your passion is. For finding passion, you have to try your hands on different things like I did and that’s when you get to know that what is the best for you. My ultimate aim is to dedicate everything to Kalopsia, by inspiring people out there to love space or spreading messages on social issues. I don’t expect any results out of it, because this is how I started and this is how I would love to continue.”

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