Ayan, the one behind Man Go Plant award in Wynberg Allen School !

Ayan Banerjee – Founder, ‘Man Go Plant’

“I am an 18 year-old environmentalist from Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh and I believe myself to be a bright student not only in academics but in learning other activities too. I am a proud environmentalist, marathoner, vegan, basketball player and poet. Growing up, I used to study about the negative aspects of climate change through articles and news posts which used to bother me immensely. Therefore I thought of doing something about it. But when I didn’t find any opportubity, I thought of creating one on my own.

In 2018, I started my initiative to act against climate change through ‘Man Go Plant‘ Project. I started off very basic. I used to distribute saplings in some major events in my school and then it further extended to distributing it in hospitals. Till now, I distributed around 2000 saplings in many major events within my school, in Prayagraj as well as in some government hospitals like Kamal Nehru Hospital.

I knew this was not enough and I understood that in order to grow this initiative, I need to grow as an individual too. Therefore I learnt about forest making by the method of ‘Miyawaki’ by Mr. Shubhendu Sharma who is the CEO of Afforestt. This method is one of the best for forest making. It makes the forest grow 10 times faster, 30 times denser and will be 100 percent organic.

I have been a speaker for United Nations for childrens’ forum twice. I have organised a talk for a speaker from Climate Reality Project in 2018 for my school. I have also discussed my project with the then Governor of Uttarakhand, Shri K.K Paul, MP Shri Rita Joshi, Mr Kamal Meatle, CEO of Paharpur Business Centre, to discuss my project.

I have been featured on social media by PETA India, WWF India, The Pollination Project, Vegan India, Healers community and others. I ran 200 km ( Lucknow to Prayagraj) to plant a mini forest of 2000 saplings. I am currently working with Raksha – Make a difference for animal welfare and have been sponsored by The Pollination Project, USA for my project to feed the stray during this emergency called Scooby Patrol. I am currently the organizer for Youth Climate Save, Uttar pradesh. I have given speeches in various schools, colleges and at the Allahabad museum, which is under the government of India. I ran 50 km on the 50th earth day inside my house to promote veganism and fitness during this lockdown. I have also been actively participating in the campaign Fridays for Future by doing climate strike online.

I avoid using motor vehicles most of the time unless it’s very necessary. I don’t board any, I carry my own metal bottle and cutlery to avoid plastic and on top of it I use bamboo toothbrush and jute bag. I have faith that these small changes in my lifestyle could bring a slight change in the atmosphere. Imagine what change it can bring if we all try it atleast once? My family and my school (Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie) were there with me, guiding and supporting me throughout. With my school’s social service club, I have worked to distribute paint, furniture and stationary at government schools. We together have visited a differently abled school and cleaned the nearby places for them. I cycled 45 km on the 45th world environment day for veganism and inspite of doing all of this, i scored 89.75% in my 12th boards this year which i again consider as one of my achievements.

But the biggest achievement I consider for myself is getting an opportunity to sign in the Principal’s book of Role of Honour for saving electricity, water and reducing food wastage by ⅓ in my school. Observing my efforts, my school has made an award in the name of my project for those students who help the society exceptionally. But I know even this is not enough. I have miles to go, and I won’t stop until I prove that an individual can change the world.”

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