Sneha’s story of following her love for art and craft!

Sneha Dasgupta – Founder, ‘Life in Abstracts’ Creative Studio

“I have been inclined towards art and craft since childhood. I used to love doing craft projects and won multiple competitions at school. I was the kind of person, who everyone reached out to for help, with their school projects. Although, I have learnt drawing and painting in general, practicing folk art gave me happiness and helped me relax from a hectic day at work.

I started Life in Abstracts Creative Studio in 2019. Here I design and handpaint on parchment leather lamps and other home decor articles. I came across this craft form, also known as Tholu Bommalata, i.e. The Dance of Leather Puppets, through a workshop I attended. The idea behind this brand is to promote local Indian crafts and an attempt to revive a 2,000 year old craft form. When I started out, one of the primary challenges I faced was bringing awareness about this craft as well as reaching out to the right audience. With a full time job as a Business analyst, I started spending my free time researching ways to promote this craft and studying the market.

It was pretty tough in the initial months to manage as the pandemic had started, but my family was very supportive and encouraged me to carry on despite the obstacles. I started with a minimal investment, however I got the first order for six handpainted lamps after almost five months into the business, which was certainly a boost to my confidence. Post that, there was no looking back as I knew I was on the right path. Soon, I started receiving more orders, and I recently delivered an order from London. I now take orders for bespoke lamps that are designed with Kalamkari, Madhubani motifs. I also ensure that all my orders are packaged with eco-friendly products for delivery as I wanted to make my brand sustainable end-to-end. I intend to spread my love for this craft globally and at the same time help the craftsmen with a stable livlihood by keeping this craftform alive”

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