Vaidehi explains what a dream job tastes like and how to make it happen !

Vaidehi Gaur – Ex Cabin Crew, Indigo

“In my family, everyone is in the IT sector. Following the footsteps, I also pursued BCA. While I was halfway in graduation, I realized I won’t be able to take up a job in this sector. I had never discussed this with anyone because I knew what the responses would be. I was in Noida for my graduation. Then one day, I got to know that interviews were being conducted for Cabin Crew in Indigo Airlines. I did not tell anyone and thought of giving it a shot. That was a very random step. I cleared the first two rounds. The third one was the main round. 90 people appeared for the interview that day. But in the end, only two were selected out of ninety and I was one of the two. I wasn’t able to believe it was happening to me. When I got the offer letter, I thought it’s time to tell my family and my relatives.

Luckily, my parents were very happy. They told me if I want to do it and I’m happy with it, then I should go for it. My relatives were not so sure about it initially. They had these concepts that this job is very problematic and hectic. I’ll have to travel a lot, late-night duty and so on. People believe this job has no reputation and you’re like a waitress in the air. They also think that you can be a victim of sexual assault. But my experience has been completely different. It has been a pleasure to do it. I would have been sad and unsatisfied if I took up a job in the IT sector. But this job gives me happiness which should be our priority.

Indigo Airlines lets it’s air hostesses go through a training program of three months. The training part is quite difficult. They conduct exams for different modules (eg: grooming, emergency and communication). We’re given a manual of about 600 pages, and the exams are conducted every week. The passing marks are 90/100, else we cannot clear that module. If you fail two consecutive times in a module, you are not eligible for the job. You aren’t allowed to take even a single leave during the training program. Else, all the hard work goes in vain. One day, I got a viral fever. I was restless and couldn’t get up. But I had to somehow reach the training point because I couldn’t afford to let all my hard work and sweat go in vain. So, I gathered some courage, got dressed up, and left for the training.

We were 25 people in a batch. All of us were from a different Indian culture. I made friends from almost all the parts of India and learned about their culture and dialects. This made my journey worth the effort. In the end, we were only 17 left. After training, they plan a graduation party. We were given hats with small wings on them. They’re Indigo wings. These wings signify that we’ve completed our graduation and now we can fly high! There is an award ceremony too based on different modules. I was given the award for ‘Best grooming’.

Before my training, my BCA final year exams were pending. I was in a major dilemma because if I’d opt for exams, I’d lose my job. Indigo doesn’t let you compromise your job for other activities. I talked about it to the college authorities and they told me I can give my exams afterward too. But when the time came, my flights had already started and I was unable to be present for the exams. I again contacted my college authorities and informed them that I’ll give the exams next year.

My first international flight was to Hongkong. I was excited as I was the first one to go on an international flight from my batch. I told my parents and they were so happy. The flight was of 7½ hours. Take off time was 11 pm and we flew overnight. The next day, we reached our hotels, freshened up ourselves, and roamed around in the streets in Hongkong for the whole day. The experience was so overwhelming. I’ve been to Hongkong, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

On duty, physical work is a little tiring. We’ve to carry heavy carts, listen to the passengers, roam in the whole flight, and check up on everyone. It took time for me to adjust to all these things. Sometimes, we can’t even go to the washroom. Our duty is not restricted to flights. We’ve to report to our base office and give all the information about payments made by the passengers on the flight and many other things.

But the next thing that happened was, my college did not provide me with a schedule of the exams. I had to apply for leave beforehand but I couldn’t. Unfortunately, I had to resign from my job and give exams to complete my graduation. I felt sad but I love challenges and so I readily accept whatever life throws in. Now, I’ve applied for further studies. But I’d love to join Cabin Crew again in life. Because, of course, it has been my dream job and it filled my life with colors.

I’d like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout. Many people said certain things but my parents didn’t let any of it affect me. They were always by my side. I’d like to request all the parents out there to not restrict their kids to science and commerce. There is a huge world even outside of it. Let them explore. Let them enjoy what they like. There are scopes in everything and there is no end to it. Every job is wonderful. No one should be rated based on their job. Respect every job. If you want to be an air-hostess, work on your communication skills. Groom your personality. Talk politely. Be confident. These are the major things that are observed during interviews. You’ll make it!

I’d also like to tell young ones to focus on themselves. Groom yourself every single day. Improve your communication skills because that is the most important thing today. Grades don’t decide where you reach in your life. Your skills can do a lot to you. Believe your instincts. Its never too late to realize things. Just keep hustling for yourself. You’ve to make yourself happy at the end of the day and only you can do it for yourself.

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