Srishti and Rahul’s thoughtful act of maintaining health and hygiene!

WingedClub Srishti and Rahul's thoughtful act of maintaining health and hygiene!
Srishti and Rahul– Founder; Eco Pad Revolution, Dehradun

“Opportunities come to you when you expect them the least! We didn’t understand this fact but this has happened to us. We all thought this lockdown to be a period of the void, but who knew what actually is meant to happen shortly. A miracle happened with us.

My friend, Rahul, and I have been working for the health and hygiene of women and social welfare for long . I am an MBA student from GRD college and Rahul is a final year student of BBA from UCST. We have practiced various sanitation methods spreading across the southern part of the country for many years but we were not able to find a way to launch them in our native place, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The period provided us with an urge to start our campaign in Uttarakhand. So, we initiated this in Uttarakhand on 27 May 2020.

We have started @eco_pad_revolution as we wanted to do something good for women. Women have a versatile personality, they fit in every role assigned to them by society. Hence, we decided to step forward and salute this versatility and help them provide better facilities at our level. Women face various health issues during their menstrual days like irritation, rashes, infections, and many more. It is said that Health is wholeness. We aim at providing the wholeness to our pillars. We speculated a solution that can provide them comfort during their menstrual days and came out with a beautiful idea of providing cotton pads to women. This will end all the issues of women’s health during their intense days.

The pads are made up of 100% organic cotton material and it lasts for four to five years. These are easy to use and they are also safe as they prevent rashes, irritation, infection, and many more problems. The layers are made up of PUL (polyurethane laminated) and it has been certified by GOTS( government organic textile standards).

WingedClub Srishti and Rahul's thoughtful act of maintaining health and hygiene!

Though, during the initial stages, we faced many problems. We were not financially good. Secondly, we need to think of a measure to connect with the people, a feasible way to spread awareness about the product, and how to reach out to people so that we can aware of them with the maximum knowledge about our product. In order to resolve the financial stress, we thought of doing part-time jobs and asked our friends to contribute a bit so that we could buy the material. We started going to people and talked to about our product aiming to make them understand what it is about and its benefits.

We have been facing many problems these days, as the part-time job I was into is not operating from the last one month and Rahul is also finding it difficult to manage the business as well as his job simultaneously. It is a task to meet people and deliver them products which we do on a personal basis. But we have decided to find better ways and means to continue with this. Health is adding a level of intention to every area of life so why should we step back?

Apart from this we also aim to maintain a cleaner and greener environment. For this, we have started CLEAN MUSSORIE PROJECT. We have decided to choose a day once a month when we will be visiting the travel places of MUSSORIE and clean them at our best. We have also been supported by our friends in this. During the Harela Parv, we went to the Maggie point for a cleanliness drive and planted several seeds there. We have collected approx 80 kg of trash and 60 kg of plastic and liquor bottles. Recently, on 2nd August we have been to George Everest for the same. We wish to spread this campaign further. We believe, A little progress each day leads to better results.

*The views expressed in the above article is of the writer and not the Winged Club.

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