Siddharth’s journey from Bareilly to Dharma Productions !

Siddharth Garg- Freelance Photographer

“I am a timid boy with a thoughtful mind, who do not seek for crowded places or social engagements. I prefer my small circle of friends and feel comfortable with them. People usually find introversion as shyness, mental illness, social consciousness and, so on, but it is none of these. You  can be an introvert and still be happy and confident. It is simply a personality trait. I had never decided to be a photographer, I just went with the flow. Photography was my hobby. I used to do it out of fun and now my hobby has turned into my work. I was never good at studies. After my 10th exams, I had opted for Science stream along with computers. However, this turned out to be a harsh choice. My grades went deeply down and I switched over to Commerce stream in 12th standard. After my Board exams, I was in a big dilemma about what to choose for my higher education. I consulted a counselor and got to a conclusion to pursue my hobby as my profession. I went to Ahemdabad for learning the basics of Photography from Varun Patel’s Photography Institute. Varun Patel is a very famous fashion photographer with more than 10 years of photography experience. I completed my course there and went to Delhi for further studies. I took admission in another photography institute and  went for side by side. I went to the same for 3 months and realized that things were not going right with me. I left both the courses in between. I wanted to take things onboard, wanted to follow what my heart said. I wanted clarity instead of questions. I dared to follow my intuitions and was ready to face failures as well. I knew when you follow your heart, you always end up being happy and successful.

wingedclub Siddharth's journey from Bareilly to Dharma Productions !

I joined a Senior Photographer named Manish Dev in Delhi and gained a lot of experience from him. After working with him on various projects, I decided to go to Mumbai to learn more and try my luck in the film industry. I did not receive any work in my initial months, just kept doing shoots with models on the barter system and explored myself and my skills. Gradually I got to assist some photographers. I started working for designers, fashion magazines and, so on. Eventually, I made contacts that helped me to get into Films. I did my Bachelors in Fine Arts from the National Institute of Photography. I also got into the New York Film Academy, one of the leading and intensive photography program. Currently, I work as an assistant to Assistant photographer in Dharma Productions and Inbox pictures. I have worked for Netflix and various production houses. I have shot Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, Jahnvi Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Rajnikant, Mithoon Chakraborty, Ajay Devgan, Ranbir Kapoor and many more. I have also worked with  photographers like Munna Singh, Jitu Savlani, Vishal Saxena and, so on.
My long term plans are yet to be decided as I am a person who goes with the flow of life, enjoys every pinch of the present without stressing about the future. Being a photographer, I am really camera conscious and this holds the biggest irony. I usually find newcomers shooting for free and that according to me degrades the business and engagement of the established ones. Reaching a point where you can work with big personalities requires all of your blood and sweat. Success is not gifted, if you wish for it you need to fail and learn. Your willingness might not get you success but will surely increase your chances for the same. Skills in photography are not attained by purchase or theoretical studies rather are acquired by practice. A good picture holds a number of memories, nothing and no one changes in a photograph, it acts as a return ticket to millions of moments that we want to hold forever and cherish, and a photographer is the one who feels this moment a 1000 times before shooting it.”
*The views mentioned in the above article are of the writer and not the Winged Club.