Sarah holds a World Record at the age of 14 !

winged club Sarah_holds_a_World_Record_at_the_age_of_14
Sarah Sidd – Author

“My parents are my ultimate role models. I have always been an introvert and shy kid. It doesn’t mean that I am antisocial but usually stuck and observing the smallest things. I prefer lonely roads and small talks. I appreciate few true connections and close friends, friends that have been constant from then till now. I am reserved and withdrawn with the masses and a happy-go-lucky girl with my kins. I am a bubbly teen who loves to speak and express her feelings through writing. I am an over-thinker and make perceptions of my own. I have multiple sides. Sometimes I am a mature girl full of pathos and pleasure. Sometimes I am a teenager who wishes to snuggle with coffee, novel, and a pen. And sometimes, I can act like a baby who wants to be pampered by all. I always push myself to do things beyond people’s imaginations. Sometimes to prove yourself you have to step out of your comfort zones and let people receive your energy through your work. There is a reason or motive behind everything you do, hence I also started writing after an incident.

I was hurt and felt broken. I had lost a very dear friend of mine whom I had loved to my fullest. She meant a lot me, we were more like soul mates and used to smile, cry, and laugh together. Losing her felt like I had lost a part of me. To escape from the pain and her memories, I started writing. On a rainy day, I was sitting beside the window, looking outside, dreaming, and thinking. I felt hollow and full of pain as if someone had snatched my soul out of my body. I was in such a deep trance that I didn’t know what was happening around me. I gathered a couple of lines, wrote it down, and was shocked to find out that they rhymed. I am fond of reading books, especially novels, since childhood. I discovered that I had written a complete poem sitting by the window that afternoon and since that day I haven’t stopped writing. I don’t have a strict daily routine for my writings because new places give you new thoughts and ideas. Nature inspires me the most. I am the most expressive when I am close to nature. I used to pen down everything in my diary that I had back then.

By the time I grew 13, I realized that I had written a bunch of poems and decided to give them a form of a book. My parents were joyful and extremely excited. Both of them have always supported and encouraged me. I am so great to have them in my life. My inner circle was overwhelmed and was keenly waiting for the same to happen. I was nervous at the same time, as it is unusual to find a 13-year-old kid publishing a book. I have always lacked confidence in my personality, but my writings have made the loudest noise. I always carried low self-esteem but my dear one’s never lost faith in me. I was 13 and a half when my first book, “My Lost Poetry Pages: A glimpse of Life’, a book with 50 poems and 63 pages was released. I didn’t face any problem while publishing it. People around me were awestruck and spellbound after reading it. It was unbelievable for me, people loved my book. Although it was criticized by many as it consisted of feelings such as love, relationship, friendships, heartbreaks, and so on. But my parents were proud of me and that’s what mattered.

I was on cloud nine when I was nominated for the world’s youngest girl to publish her poetry book. I was numbly happy when I had won the same, my parents were in tears of joy and friends appreciated my win. You can also google me and my books by @Sarah Sidd. I kept my spirit and enthusiasm and in no time brought a squeal  named ‘chaotic feelings’. Currently, I am working on my third book which is supposed to be a novel this time. Everything inspires me to write from the warm breeze blowing to the deepness of death. Although in today’s scenario we don’t find genuine readers, people usually flaunt in the name of readers and never understand the seriousness of reading culture. The value of poetry and literature is degrading day by day which is causing various hindrances in the career of budding writers and poets. But I aspire to become a leading and renowned author in the future. I hope my writings become capable enough to bring a change in the life of the masses. This will be the greatest source of satisfaction in my life.”

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