Rahul’s love for the Olive Green Uniform is truly an inspiration for India !

Rahul Mehta – NCC Cadet, Student

“I come from the mini Kashmir of Uttarakhand, Pithoragarh, Kumaon Region. I’m a Computer graduate (BCA-2018) and currently pursuing a postgraduate in Business Administration from Graphic Era University. I am a self-motivated and disciplined individual which I think is very much important when you are in defense. I aim to be in the most prestigious organization of our country, the Indian Army. My love for that olive green uniform has never died which is why I decided to walk on this path. I’m preparing for making my dream come true.

I dream of being in the Indian Army and this is because of the environment I’ve lived in. In the family, my grandfather (retd.), uncle, and many relatives have given their services in the Indian Army. So, the sense of patriotism and the urge to be in the Indian Army is from childhood. Being in the Army is not a decision that is taken on a whim. You’ve to think deeply and every aspect of this field.

I’m a Former Senior Under Officer of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) at Graphic Era University. I also participated in All India Republic Day Camp 2018, New Delhi. I was the first cadet from NCC to attend this camp from Graphic Era University. Alongside, I also attended Officer Training Academy (OTA) Attachment Camp, 2018Prime Minister’s Rally, 2017Army Attachment Camp, 20166 Combined annual Training Camp (2015-2018). I was also awarded the Youth Ambassador by Humanity Dialogues of Love n Light Award on International Youth Day.

Besides this, I also own a YouTube channel named NCC National Cadet Corps where I motivate the youth to be united and disciplined. It is not only important for the Army personnel but everyone for day to day life. The idea behind creating a YouTube channel was to spread awareness regarding the opportunities NCC certificate holders can avail. During my NCC camp days, I felt that my fellow cadets were not aware of the basics or the opportunities they can avail. So at that time, I wanted a platform where I can tell people about the same and in this generation, YouTube is the best way to do so. NCC’s motto is to have a high level of motivation, enthusiasm, and self-discipline. That’s why I chose this name for my channel too which is all about unity and discipline.

It’s obvious that when you start something new, you can feel many changes within you and your life. After I started my YouTube channel I felt more motivated and energetic as I get to interact with the youth. It also helped me to share my thoughts with a mass. It also added many new friends on my list. But when you enter a public forum like YouTube, you’ve to face criticism. It happened to me too. I used to get comments like ‘why are you wasting time on this?’ or ‘it won’t work as many people are already in this field’ which at times demotivated me, but being cool and calm is what I prefer.

As mentioned earlier my ultimate aim is to be an A-class officer in the Indian Army. With all the positivity and determination, I am heading towards my dream. I’m sure that sooner or later, I’ll be able to fulfill my dream and will serve my country with the utmost sincerity.”

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