Mrs.Lakshmi is a yoga enthusiast at the age of 77.

Mrs.Lakshmi Negi – Yoga enthusiast, Kotdwar
“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice, a very well known quote by  Brain Herbert. I hardly realized the depth and importance of this quotation until I witnessed it in my life. Getting to speak to people and share my life experiences is a privilege as I find that very few people get the opportunity to share what they have been through. Though I was born in an era where women and education could hardly be heard together, but my quest for learning and spreading it as much as I can, always motivated me. Like everyone out there, I was a normal girl with so many dreams to study and reach heights. I was fortunate enough to have my family by my side always. I had my collection of books which I was fond of reading.
 As per the norms of the society, I was married at the age of 20. I was in a state of dilemma about whether my passion would be acknowledged or not, but with God’s grace, I was again blessed with a family who not only supported me, but also motivated me in all the spheres of life. The world of books always fascinated me, and I often sneak out time from my household chores to read one from my collection. With this habit, I developed a passion for teaching as well. I have always wanted to utilize my knowledge into teaching someone and not wasting it. That motivated me to grab the opportunity to teach in Anganwadi. I taught there for several years. Anganwadi brought the best in me, and it widened my sphere of knowledge every day. The social exposure shaped me into who I am today.
I remember it was back in the year 2005,  when I got to know about baba Ramdev. You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes inside of you, and this instilled the curiosity of learning yoga in me. I followed baba Ramdev every day. I became an active member and a participator of yoga. I practiced it on a daily basis, and it helped a lot in the betterment of my health. It made me a positive person. I am a type of person who suggests people to do and practise things once I have tried them, and Yoga was one such practice as it taught me that there is always a room for change. But you have to be open to that change. I have the zeal to spread it as much as I can and let people know the benefits of it.
It was the year 2006, and there was a camp set up in Kotdwar, where forms were distributed for the post of yoga instructor. It was Cherry on the cake. I couldn’t stop myself. I was a part of almost all the yoga camps being organized, and the main motive behind going to the camps was to spread yoga to people as much as I can, to make them learn and realize the benefits of doing yoga in their daily routine. In today’s world where depression is the root cause of destruction, I wanted the youth to learn and practise yoga, which was the best medicine and cure for all the problems. My main concern was to spread this beneficent mantra of a healthy and happy life as much as I can.
 Today I am 77, and I still continue to teach and take yoga sessions at my place and in the nearby localities. Learning and teaching have no barrier, and one should  aim for it to a great extent.”
*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not of winged club.