Kushagra’s vision helps him create masterpieces out of none!

Kushagra Jain – Accountant, Anant Ahuja and Anand Ahuja; Freelance Photographer, Nat Geo

“I am a very ambitious person. I dream, chase them and go after my visions. Everyday, I challenge and push myself towards giving my best in every task, constantly set my goals, and accomplish them at any cost. I’m self-driven and independent. According to me, setting up a goal is of utmost importance to attain success in future. And then only one can work hard, show perseverance and dedication.

I have been good in studies and thus got admission into the University of Delhi for pursuing B.Com Hons. College life has been full of challenges and really exciting. You meet new people, get to know each other, and learn several life lessons. What makes me go with the flow is the fire within me that is always lit up to try out new opportunities and learn the work that I’ve been deprived of.

Versatility is when you do not limit yourself and try to expand your wings into various fields. I love photography and you know what? Miracles happen when you love and enjoy your work. You should give your best to be the best. I love exploring and travel to various countries of the world to know their culture, food, and shoot the best places out there. Biking is also my hobby and I own a Harley Davidson for the same. I also make cartoon sketches and I’m pretty good at it. I never sit idle, instead look for better techniques and keep myself updated in this field.

It all started when I was in the 5th standard. I had clicked my first photograph. No one was much aware of photography then. It was considered a hobby and the camera was just a toy for me. I had bought my first KODAK camera followed by Samsung which enhanced my interest in photography. By the time I was in college, I owned a professional DSLR camera. My professors and friends have played a crucial role in boosting up my morale in pursuing photography as my profession. I was encouraged to exhibit my photographs in a college exhibition and received promising results in the same. I was appreciated and awarded. Since then I decided to look for more into this field. I knew due to tough competition and ample of hardworking and skilled people who have already established themselves, it was not an easy job for me to be recognized. But I didn’t give up. Instead, I stood up and started unleashing my creativity level at its best.

I suppose photographers are blessed with a third eye known as LENS. They can see through things that normal people cannot. They can make wonders with an ordinary image and highlight the magnificent side of it. But in today’s growing competition you cannot expect spoon-feeding. You need to rush, request and represent yourself in a way that you stand out and shine in the crowd. I have dedicated my life to photography. It has changed my personality completely. I got answers to my perceptions regarding various things, wanderlust and whatnot. I work very hard to enhance my skills and keep myself updated with the latest technology. All I want is to be the best and unique. Therefore, I try to capture things through every possible angle. I do fail and I retry but never stop my urge for the best shot or compromise with the work. Photography is a game of patience. You might click a hundred photos and find one to be the perfect shot.

Patience makes you calm and relaxed, and photography is always done with a cool mind. A patient photographer always wins the game. You have to listen to your clients and shoot according to their will and choices. It has taught me to survive through various panic situations and deal with them with a happy and sophisticated mind. My journey started as a basic photographer in my college itself for the photography society, followed by becoming the President of the same club. Along with this, I got an opportunity to work as a freelance photographer in the National Geographic Channel. I was on cloud nine. I had never expected this but I was happy that it finally happened. You never know what’s coming next but you should always give your best.

At present, I am an accountant and working for Mr. Anant Ahuja, brother-in-law of a leading Bollywood actress and fashion tycoon, Mrs. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. I also work for Mr. Anand Ahuja in his export house named Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd. Along with this, I hold an NSS (National Service Scheme) certificate from the Indian Government and have won various Street Photography Competitions. I have also shot Mr. Anant Ahuja and some of his various documentaries regarding Labor Welfare. I see a lot of youngsters coming up with the latest technology gadgets and trying to reach stages that require sweat and blood, but all they see is money. I’ve always tried to explain a fact that experience cannot be bought with money; you need to put your days and nights into it. The latest gadgets cannot provide you with angles that can be created only with one’s imagination and creativity. Success will come to you, but you also need to strive for it, never stop clicking. I know it will require days and months for a perfect shot but when it will come out, you will know the real meaning of joy in your life.

I am thankful to my parents who have always supported me and encouraged me. What I am today, is all because of them. They have been a constant source of motivation and strength. I am looking forward to traveling the world and shoot some of the best pictures and bring it to the concern and sight of normal people. I consider it my duty to show people the different shades of this incredible nature.”

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