Khusbhu’s in-laws made her dreams come true !

wingedclub Khusbhu's in-laws made her dreams come true !
Khusbhu Srivastava – Owner and Finance Advisor, Vishwaria Consultancy

“We make so many assumptions for things before we step in those shoes. We believe in things that we listen to from others or see, but the situations are not the same for everyone.  Family-support is very important in life and without that, it becomes really difficult to climb the stairs of success. I was very lucky that I got this support from my family.
I completed my in 2004 and wanted to go to Delhi for doing an MBA. But my parents were not ready for that because the economical condition was not that good. At that point in life, getting married was not in my mind. I was not ready for it. I wanted to finish my MBA first and then wanted to get married. But things happen for a reason. My sister-in-law’s father used to visit our house and there he saw me and told my husband’s family about me. My family had sent my photos to my husband’s family and they liked me. I got married on 3rd December 2004, the same year in which I completed my graduation. Before marriage I was so concerned about my education, how the family would be like, will they allow me to continue my education further, and many more things. I had the image of typical in-law’s in my mind. I thought my life would be restricted. Even with all this going on at the back of my mind, I left my house. A house that had all my firsts and the memories captured so safely. I came to a new house to build new memories with a new family.
I got married and shifted to Delhi with my in-laws. We lived in a joint family but all my assumptions I had, seemed to be wrong. I then understood we should not believe in things we see or listen to, because in reality, things could be the opposite as well. We lived in a joint family so the workload was acceptable but my family was very supportive. I always dreamt of doing a finance job. My husband was a lecturer in Delhi College of Engineering (now, Delhi Technological University). I told him about my dream of doing an MBA. He supported me. Even my mother-in-law supported me. My father-in-law passed away before my wedding so I did not get a chance to see him but I always felt he supported me in all my decisions and I always had his blessings with me. After one year of our wedding, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter and my mother-in-law and husband were at my back throughout this. My daughter’s birth gave wings to my dreams and with my family standing behind me, that very year, I got myself enrolled in IGNOU for through a correspondence course. As it was a correspondence course, I had to go to University only on weekends, and on weekdays I could study from home. On weekends, my husband used to look after my mother-in-law and my daughter as she was not even a year old. I used to complete all the household chores, then go to my classes, come back, finish the household work again and study at night. It was difficult for me to manage as my daughter was very small and was dependent on me for every little thing. But all this became possible only because I knew I had my mother-in-law and husband with me. In 2007, I was done with my with 72% marks. My husband knew I always desired of doing an MBA in finance. So, my husband got my name enrolled in MBA in finance from Ignou University.
I coukd actually see my dream of doing an MBA in finance from Delhi, coming true. Life came a full circle for me. Till now my daughter had also grown up and started going to school. Things became more challenging for me as now I have to take care of the house, do household chores, take care of my mother-in-law, teach my daughter, and study at night. But my mother-in-law never made me feel that pressure. She helped me in every way her old-aged body could allow her to. Mostly my college was non-attending, but at times I had to go to college and also for the exams. During those days, when neither me nor my husband used to be at home, my mother-in-law looked after everything and after my daughter as well. With my mother-in-law and husband’s support, I fulfilled my dream of doing an MBA. They stood with me for every little thing. I then understood that it is possible to fulfill all our dreams even after getting married, if you’re as lucky as I am. My family advised me that I should get a job and so in 2009, I joined Trueston Consultancy as a Finance Consultant. It was becoming difficult for me to manage job and family together. I knew that I was not giving the required amount of time back at home. So, my husband advised me to divert my career to the teaching field. I also thought this would be great and I would be able to get more time to look after my house, my mother-in-law, and my daughter. I left my job in 2010 and joined B.Ed from MDU, Rohtak. It was very hectic for me as the college was far from my place and I had to go regularly. During my exams I used to get up at 5 in the morning, study, do household chores, and go to college to give my exams.  From 2012 to 2013, I taught in Vidya Guru coaching center in Delhi. Meanwhile, we were even planning to complete our family, and the health of my mother-in-law was also deteriorating. I too had to face many complications with my health and this lead to a discontinuation in my career.  In 2015, I faced a major miscarriage. Even during this time, I had the full support of my family.  Things were going on smoothly but one day my mother-in-law fell and she became completely bedridden. She now needed me the most and so I stayed at home for her. In October 2018, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. My mother-in-law was waiting eagerly for the arrival of my little child but destiny had planned something else for her. My mother-in-law died within the first year of my little daughter’s birth. But she will always be very special to me just like my own mother.
Now my husband and I have opened a consultancy firm together, running under the name of Vishwaria Consultancy, where I am working as a Finance Advisor. Due to the corona outbreak, we were not able to open our office and we’re currently working from home.
I was able to achieve all that I dreamt of, only because God gifted me such a beautiful family. What matters at the end of the day is their care, love, and, support. Life never seemed tough because this new family accepted me like a daughter. Tough times come and go but if a family stands together during those times, then what else could be the best thing to happen to you.
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