How Priety made it to Imperial Fernando Academy of Ballet from a Local Studio !

wingedclub How Preeti Made it to Imperial Fernando Academy of Ballet from a Local Studio !
Preity Malhotra – Dancer

“I started dancing at a very early age. Throughout my dancing journey, I learned many dance forms and techniques, and I am specialized in Contemporary and Ballet. I fell for these two dance forms because of the way they express human emotions which I find very fascinating. I’ve been trained for seven years in both the dance forms. Now I am a former member of the Imperial Fernando Academy of Ballet.

Apart from Contemporary and Ballet, I’m also trained in Jazz, Cunningham Technique, Contact Improvisation, Gymnastics, and Yoga. I started my training from a local dancing studio in Haridwar. I was always determined towards my practice. Ekta Girdhar, the artistic director of Moves and Grooves, Haridwar has been my constant support. I thank her that I could focus on my dance journey and could reach my full potential.

I always believe that if you want to achieve something in your life, you’ve to be focused and consistent. When I started my studies as a college student, I became more responsible for my practice. I also participated in many competitions held in different states. In 2016, I participated in JUST DANCE INDIA, where I was 2nd Runner Up. In 2017 and 2018, I was WINNER in SOLO Category- Allegro at IIT THOMSO (ROORKEE). I was also a FINALIST in GENRE- YOUR STYLE, YOUR STAGE. I’ve also performed for INDIAN DANCE THEATRE (AAINA PRODUCTION) and the French Embassy in 2019. Recently, I performed Contemporary Fusion at the 15th Annual World Sufi Music Festival “Jahan-e-Khusrau”.

wingedclub How Preeti Made it to Imperial Fernando Academy of Ballet from a Local Studio !

I took training from various national and international teachers like Irene Van Zealand (France), Sanjay Khatri (Founder, Director CCB India), Eden Dolreich Perreira (India), Karan Kumar (India), Yaroslava Bolshakova (Russia), Nathaniel Parchment (London), Makenzie Dustman (USA), Guru Suraj (CI India), Purnendu Das (CCB India), Prince Sharma (CCB India), Fernando Aguilera (Founder and Artistic Director of IFBC, India/Russia). I’m so grateful that I got this opportunity. After learning western dance for quite a long time, I thought of sharing my knowledge with those who want to learn this dance form. I started teaching kids and I felt so happy that with my knowledge, I could help others in fulfilling their dreams. Not only this, but I also started teaching at an NGO free of cost.

After all this, I got a chance to enter Imperial Fernando Academy of Ballet. It was a breakthrough for me. Having mentors from different backgrounds is beneficial. You get to learn a lot about the dynamics of different countries. After coming in contact with my mentors, I got to know that each country has its interpretations of dance.

wingedclub How Preeti Made it to Imperial Fernando Academy of Ballet from a Local Studio !

My biggest inspiration is nature. Whenever I am sitting by myself, I can see dance movements in nature. The flying birds, the tree leaves falling to the ground, every little thing is dancing in some or the other way. They inspire my movements. Compiling those movements is another level of satisfaction. Many dance personalities are my role models but nature plays the most important role in my life. Nature helps me to stay positive and relieve my stress when I am down.

I’m still dancing and have so many dreams. One thing I have understood till now is that no matter in which profession you are, there’s no peak point in that path. Once you start the journey there’s always elongated ways in front of you which never end. One of my dreams is to explore the world of dance in Europe. I want to know what’s their definition of dance. I want to explore their culture, lifestyle, and everything. It’ll take some time but, I have kept my hopes high. I believe in myself that I will surely accomplish my dream one day.”

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