Anmol’s passion for entrepreneurship has helped him in starting his own venture at the age of 20.

wingedclub Anmol's passion for entrepreneurship has given him international clients today !

Anmol Gogia
– Co-founder & CEO, Crobstacles Media
“In 2016, my father hired a digital marketing firm, to boost his business, but it did not produce results. And, a cherry on the cake, they ran away with all the money. I couldn’t see my father struggling with that business. I thought I should do something that would support him. That was the turning point of my life.
After this incident, I started Instagram marketing. Because the organic growth of Instagram was very good at that time, it produced good results for the business. I started getting good sales from Instagram. We were able to cover all our losses in the business. This was just a start for me.
After I came to college, I thought of upgrading myself. At the end of the first semester, I started working with different companies. I have done seven internships till date in different companies such as Greyhound Research, Templatolio Technologies, HiringForYouIndia, Broxer Technologies Pvt Ltd., M Learning India, Urja Attars and Internshala, just to have a taste of the corporate world. This has helped me in gaining knowledge about the work that is offered in the corporate world.
Since childhood, I’ve always had this strong spirit of entrepreneurship. When I was in class 7, I read about silkworms. I arranged the silkworms and I started selling them to my classmates. I used to make new toys with the motors of old radio controlled toys and sell them. I also used to make cycle lights.
I’ve got an experience of five years in digital marketing. In June, I started my own venture ‘Crobstacle Media’, a partnership firm. Crobstacles is an all in one digital marketing firm. We provide services which include Digital marketing, Marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Strategy.  We started with Indian clients and now we’ve clients from New Zealand and London. 
The fiendishly difficult part was that initially, it was tough to get a start. I did not know how to do it. But when I finally started, it started happening gradually. I just had to work hard. But, the challenges did not stop approaching me. I used to work very hard but I did not get positive results for about six months or even more.
My fitness played an important role in my challenges. When I was in 12th grade, I was 92kgs. I had low confidence. I started gymming for five hours a day. But I learned work ethics from the gym. I realized when I can give five hours to the gym, then I can give time to my work too. People used to comment that I won’t be able to make it because of my fat. But I proved them wrong!
This journey has made me consistent and now I’m strong enough to not get affected by what people say. I met a lot of people who tried to pull me down but I was firm and adamant. I would like to suggest to all the people that anything you do requires consistency and a strong mindset. No matter how many people are trying to pull you down, stay focused, and firm.
I used a technique called time unboxing to manage my studies with all the other work. I used to sleep at 11 and wake up at 4 in the morning. I made a plan for the whole day and followed it. I would say,’ If you’re not planning, then you’re planning to fail!’ To deal with the corporate stress, I play with my dogs and listen to music. Music is the remedy for any kind of stress.
I wish to create a fully integrated digital marketing agency. Everything will be automated in the near future. I plan to create a system through automation with the help of which I can help all the Indian local Kirana stores in marketing. Also, I visualize to present my company in at least five countries in the next ten years.
I want to tell people to make a plan and start working on it. Just start. There are chances it can turn out good. Don’t think much. Just keep working on your plan. Have work ethics, maintain consistency, and have a strong mindset. You’ll come through with flying colors!”
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