The story of ‘Hopes & Dreams’, an NGO by compassionate students of Bareilly !

wingedclub The story of 'Hopes & Dreams', an NGO by compassionate students of Barreily !
Hopes & Dreams – Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
“NEW DAY, NEW HOPE, NEW LIFE” Our motto suggests that hopes should never be underestimated, they should be transformed into dreams; dreams that turn into reality! Hopes let you live through darkness and make you believe that there is light beyond defeat and Dreams teach you, that to accomplish big goals, we must act, work hard, and show perseverance. The idea came up as I wanted to help people not out of sympathy but love, care, and affection. Charity, in order to get fame and funds, was not my motive, instead, I just wanted to help the needful and make them smile. I feel lucky for myself and for all those who have got basic resources so that they can fulfill their needs. But I wanted to stand and initiate a remarkable project that brings out a revolutionary change in the helping culture of our society. I believe people like urban slum dwellers, tea-vendors, laborers, dishwashers, and so forth should be uplifted and made self- reliant for the betterment of society. Therefore I decided to take this innovative step towards solving the problem of hunger, water, nutrition, etc.  I had started this family with 5 members back on 23rd August 2019. I had the complete support of my family and friends. Being college students though, we were lacking funds. Yet our intentions were sharp and clear. In the first instance, we were able to gather a sum of Rs.1000. Each one of us had contributed a small portion of their pocket money into our first drive. We gathered courage and were wholly prepared for this. Our initial service included distributing fruits and other few refreshments to around 50 people. It was a bit challenging and diligent. Slowly and gradually, our family started expanding. We made our Instagram handle along with spreading our lengths and breadths through word of mouth. People started understanding our agendas and approached us in every way they could. But we didn’t stop organizing our drives.
wingedclub Hopes & Dreams
Rishabh Singh – Founder, Hopes & Dreams

Humanity neither has any age nor it knows any gender bars. We, at Hopes & Dreams, try our level best to provide the underprivileged section of the society with their basic requirements. We also try to show that social service and helping the community that we are a member of, are quite the values of our culture. Currently, we are a team of 82 members, working together to eradicate the effects of social causes such as hunger, menstruation, animal rights, and so on. Initially, I used to handle all the work by myself but as we expanded, I divided the same into various teams. We also address the basic issues of the poor and value the suggestions of local people. We have organized several campaigns such as sanitary napkin distribution campaigns, blood donation camps, distribution of meals at various ends of the city, and so on. One of the most considerable steps taken by HOPES & DREAMS is the effort of detaching the human stigma associated with menstruation.

wingedclub Hopes & Dreams


It has helped our female as well as male members to speak more boldly and openly about this issue and take proper menstrual care. We collect our funds in the form of contributions from each member of ours and maintain a legit record of each and everything. I believe “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” We had also organized a Blood Donation Camp on 1st March 2020, in which 82 people had donated their blood. This was a great achievement for all of us as we were awarded by the Indian Medical Association for the same. We are not being financially helped by any political or social sources, rather we are functioning well by ourselves. I feel the youth of the country is a game-changer. They are the building blocks and their values shape the society. We as youngsters hold the power and great role in determining the future of our country. Also according to me, the unequal distribution of income is the persistent cause of increasing Poverty. The widespread concern of this problem has not been fairly shared, and that this economic crisis has only widened the gulf between the rich and the poor. In this Pandemic Period, we have done our best and have been on our toes to help the needy people. Our major concern was maintaining the safety and security of the migrants so that the spread of the virus is reduced. We have distributed 2500+ masks on the highway and within the city as well. We made them understand the seriousness of this devastating human enemy. Our team members had also reached out to the borders of the city and distributed edible and safety material to the migrants. Right now we are planning on a project named “PROJECT MAKEOVER”. Through this project, we aim to provide a little help to small scale business holders in terms of money as well as material. This will help them increase their stock as well as sales. I have seen our venture growing with the love and blessings of every single person. My ultimate aim is to turn this small step into a combined home for the old age people as well as orphans; so that they could enjoy the company of each other. Old age is a reflection of childhood. People at this age are hungry for care, love, and wish to spend this phase of life with their grandchildren or near and dear ones. On the other hand, children who are devoid of parental love can find a healthy livelihood and childhood with these people. We are doing our best to make this a big success in the next 5 years. My major source of motivation to go an extra mile for such deeds is my mother along with my friends that have remained constant throughout. We at Hopes & Dreams maintain healthy relationships and a friendly environment. We always hold a prior discussion before each and every drive. I believe helping is a human nature that lies within the hearts of all. Luxuries are not necessities but compassion and humanity are. The purpose of life is to render our services in any way we can to people that live around us, with us, and most essentially to the people who need us. There is a grace in everything on earth but amongst all Humanity remains the queen. Be helpful and kind to everyone to see and meet, it might enlighten them to do the same and if it happened so this world would be a wonderful place to live in.” 

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*The views expressed in the above article are of the writer and not Winged Club.