Nadora Initiative stands for Menstrual Hygiene !

wingedclub nadora initiative stands for menstrual hygiene!
Simran Gauba – Founder, Nadora Initiative

Nadora Initiative was founded on 9th May 2020, by Simran Gauba, a third-year student at NIFT, Delhi. The foundation was laid down along with her friends and few other volunteers. Our main aim has always been to provide education to teenage girls and women about menstrual hygiene and its effects on the body. We have been campaigning on this serious issue where periods and women are ill-treated during this phase of the month. When she needs utmost care, she is discarded and sent to a deserted room in the house. She is not allowed to enter into the kitchen, temple, and sometimes even the house.

A woman goes through a lot of pain, she sheds blood out, it aches but she never says anything! We’ve been proposing various drives with a distribution of more than 20000 sanitary napkins till now. We go on the field and educate and aware the women and teens in slum areas of the same. We wish to provide a happy period for every needy. Nadora Foundation has helped in providing sanitary kits to the people in Bihar and Assam floods, along with food and other necessities. Menstrual hygiene practices are still clouded by various cultural restrictions. This results in the ignorance of adolescent girls’ cleanliness which usually results in adverse health conditions later.

wingedclub nadora initiative stands for menstrual hygiene!

We are a group of 10 people. We’ve stepped forward to preserve humanity and change the lives of many people who are unaware that unhygienic conditions during menstruation can cause deadly diseases like cancer in the uterus, swelling of ovaries, etc. During this pandemic, we have collaborated and have started providing biodegradable sanitary napkins. We provide them at a very minimal price of 30/- only, which is given for free of cost to the women. We abide by the laws and opt for Make in India products. We’ve collaborated with various other NGOs for the assistance and distribution of sanitary napkins.

All the volunteers are scattered throughout the country and work from home. All of them are enthusiastic and willing to bring a change in society and remove the taboos regarding menstruation. We’ve collaborated with social groups like GirlUpArzoo, Janman Organisation, Youth Ubaal Foundation, and Pink Days India for sourcing sanitary napkins. We organize online sessions with young and teenage girls and talk and discuss this serious issue. We’ve also provided sanitary kits containing sanitary napkins, shampoo, bathing soap to the women suffering in West Bengal Cyclones.

We try to empower a sense of responsibility and make women aware of hygienic solutions to maintain proper menstrual flow. They can do whatever they want, normally. Usually, girls drop out of schools when their periods begin. They miss classes due to inadequate menstrual protection. Lack of modern sanitary products in slum areas leads to lower school attendance and loss of educational pace. Nadora Foundations aims to provide proper sanitation and awareness regarding the same to save many lives.

Nadora Foundations gather their funds through various fund-raising programs over an online medium. This is because we want everyone willing to help can put their contribution and should not be left behind. Smallest of the donation can help save one’s life!

Humanity still exists and this world isn’t a bad place but all it requires is a makeover for the needy.’


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